Appreciated EU maintenance

Between all these hateful comments about bad maintenances, I’d like to say thank you for today’s EU maintenance taking place at a pleasant time! Not around noon/evening but at night/really early in the morning when most people sleep. Even if I can understand that employees work late into the night for this, I would like to see such times more often! :grinning:


pleasant, thanks amazon for ruining morning with 7am maintenance, that they announced 8minutes before brining servers down

Agreed, game realeases have issues, I like they try to adress them asap.


I see very little hate if any. Mostly criticism for timing and sadness for not being able to play.

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I am enjoying your game a lot, very sad when I can’t get on, I understand maintenance is important for us to continue to enjoy the game, peace, and thank you for all your hard work

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We are not talking about the announcement, but about the actual taking place of the maintenance. The announcement could have come a bit earlier, that’s true, but this announcement was more than timely and I didn’t start any further activities.

Criticism is for me, if it remains factual. Unfortunately, this is not the case on Twitter, for example.

Edit: Most of the times.

lmao some people… It was announcef 30min before on the forum and ingame on every server

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2am -6am it should be a nice bandtime to do the maintenance in EU server, if a official anouncement is coming up in that direccion , it is going to be a great step , also i will appreciate so much.

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