We will also be adding in a new week of in-game attendance rewards to provide additional rewards from April 14th through 21st:

  • Regulus’ Light Currency Chest x 5
  • Battle Items Chest x3
  • Phoenix Plume x 30
  • Fusion Material Selection Chest x 2
  • Leap’s Essence x 3
  • Una’s Tasks [Daily] Instant Completion Pass x 5

Please be sure to claim any attendance rewards previous period before tonight’s maintenance, as this will not extend the initial rewards period and is a new, separate week of rewards!

We appreciate your patience, and we’ll let you know as soon as the game is back online and ready for play!

Key part is: “Login bonuses run through the period listed in-game, and will reset with the next content patch

Since they’re resetting the login rewards, that confirms it’s tomorrow!

they stated " to prepare for the content update coming later this month." >> the update will come next weak or after not tomorrow.

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The copium dose is high in here.

8 hours to add extra rewards. Expect 24 hour downtime for LM update

Lol “later” this month is a key word friend.

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