Arcana Best build

Hi,i would like to know what is the optimal build for arcana empress,because im looking around and i see a lot of builds and im not sure which one is the best or more optimal and ofc best engravings.
Im using the 332 right now

Play style is preference. 332 vs 341 but Right now the raid captain build with swift tripods is the best way to go. I think Jiudau and Memo have some guides on it. It gives you cards faster and is ultimately better overall. Definitely an improvement from barricade build

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and what is the raid captain build,is 332 or 340,and the rest of the engravings cause i see some with adrenaline and others with no adrenaline

The raid captain build goes crit/spec with adren/cd/grudge/rc/empresses grace.
On my 341, I go with Quadra 232, celestial 232, foak 111, return 132, scratch 132, spiral 222, serendipity 112 and secret garden garden 311.

I made a general guide earlier today that goes a bit more in depth on the different kinds of builds and when to take what. I hope it helps!

Did we get the update to change how it plays or are we still using the barrier/protection rune setup? I haven’t played my arcana in a while.

We got the update that let you change to wealth runes and raid captain over barricade if you wish, with some new skills in the build (4 reds for example).

good build