Arcana Emperor dmg gem?

Does this gem not exist in our version rn or did they bug out?


i’m looking for this info aswel !! Did you find out anything ??

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It doesn’t exist for our version, likely fell through the cracks or something. Feels bad because it’s the last damage gem I’m missing for a bit and the biggest recent buff for the build :confused:


It’s sad to read this. Spend over 10 mio Silver on refaceting for this Gem. This Gem is necessary for the Emperor build and does a big DPS-boost. Does somebody know when we will get this Gem and is there an compensation pack planed?


There probably won’t be a compensation pack because the skills you can roll are listed on the side.

Though I certainly wouldn’t complain if we got free stuff.

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@Community-Team Can you maybe communicate with the devs on why the Emperor Gem isn’t included with Arcana release, and maybe an ETA on it? Would be dope.

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Let me see if I can track down additional information on this


You know there is a list into what the gem can reroll so you could checked the list to see if the emperor gem is there.

Yes please like I don’t understand why put the arcana with the “rework” and they didnt put the gem which makes emperor arcana stronger.

Alrighty, this has been flagged as a known issue! We are aiming to have it fixed in the next weekly update. Appreciate the reports as always.


oh thanks! good to know that we can get this gem soon

For sure thanks for the quick feedback!

@Roxx Is there going to be some form of compensation for people who were rolling for the Emperor gem? I was rolling lv 7 gems last night before this was a known issue, and I used a lot of silver in the process.

There will probably not be because you can see the list of gems that you can roll in the interface on the right side and it isn’t listed.

Though free stuff would certainly be nice.