Arcana has 2 Royal cards after the patch

Fix this bug, rename the new Royal card into something else.


THIS IS KILLING ME. HOW ARE WE THE ONLY 2 PEOPLE BOTHERED BY THIS. I spam this in chat and reddit and forums nobod acknowledges it. This can be fixed in 10 seconds pls amazon.

This tilts me as well, hopefully they fix the translation of the new card.

Also linking other posts I found, searching the forums.

@o-o @OminousOnion @Centeotl

Apologies for the ping, I know you guys are pretty busy, but this is a pretty big QoL bug/issue for Arcana players.

Can we have some response on this?

@Roxx didn’t really want to ping you, but no one else has responded to a pretty big QoL bug/issue.

The new “Royal” card should not have been translated that way and quite frankly it is disappointing that it made it past any internal processes that you have.