Arcana Identity Study Help

Hello everyone, I was recently looking to prepare for arcana when I realized there’s no good way to learn her cards and their effects, so I decided to make a flashcard set. Just start a study session and use space bar to flip the cards, when you’re ready there’s even quizzes to test yourself.

Let me know if there’s anything I need to change, I tried to make the descriptions clearer to avoid any confusion, I.E. changing the order of the wording and even what words are used.


You can click on her identity bar and check the cards and the effects. Still, I can see this tool being helpful.

All the arcana players who are preparing now wont have to spend 2 hours in trixion trying to figure out cards, i have enough mats to boost arcana to at least 1400 if not 1415. I doubt any group wants to do valtan with a barely on ilvl arcana who cant figure out card effects.

Good point, gl on your honnings (Play Romantic weapon beforehand, trust me it just works)

this was helpful thanks!

I still cant tell how much of this is thought to be true vs an ongoing meme.

I have been hitting the 100% lately though and im about to be yhe fool to buy into it (even if theres a small chance) even if it is a meme