Arcana or Summoner or Scouter?

Hey guys, which class is more fun to play both in pve and pvp ? what is your opinion?

Summoner is a lot of fun and strong in both pve and pvp.

Summoner way easier compared to not just arcana but most classes and her DPS is, at least for now, one of the highest if not the highest constant DPS in Pve and in PvP you face roll

Cant speak for scouter,
But Arcana has a high skill cealing to be good
Summoner is easier to pick up and learn, and still strong in both PvE and PvP

Don’t be modest she is a killer in PvE and PvP tell the guy the truth :slight_smile:

Gotta let OP find out about 1 shotting people off screen with Pheonix at his own pace :sweat_smile:

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Don’t play scouter you will get gatekept

Sadly this, it’s an easy to play class if u play the transformationbuild
But… even with best gems and a 100 quality weapon - 1773+ specc (2 instead of 3 skill transformation) ppl will gatekeep u as hell :x:
But imo it’s a fun class

Same goes for summoner, i play the communicationbuiild (other one does more dps) and i have fun playing her

my two cents (mostly pve based opinions)
Scouter: one of the coolest classes in the game, being transformed as IronMan and using your skills feels sooo good. The one big thing for me that stopped me from playing it in my main6 roster is that the time you are transformed is just too short and can’t be increased. The out of form skills that build meter are clunky to use and easy to miss (long animation time, ranged, slow projectiles shot from your drone, which you can/have to micro manage) And if you can get kicked out of your form if you eat too much dmg and then you need more than your standard rotation to get back into it.
Arcana (I play emperor version): So much fun to play. Totally unique playstyle. Very strong dps. One of the few crit synergy classes, sometimes you get picked into groups for it. She is the kind of class that gives you a very high ceiling for your playing skills. If you pull off your rotations well and utilize the cards correctly you will be unstoppable - which is not easy. If you make mistakes your dps will be lower (still good ofc). Which is very satisfying, because you actually get rewarded for playing well. Not my first choice for learning new raids though. Be aware, this class is basically only playable with nightmare set due to high mana usage and is really weird before you get it.
Summoner: Easy to play and super strong (one of the 2-3 classes you can argue to be OP in my opinion). Kinda like the opposite of Arcana, if you play optimally you do a lot of dmg. If you faceroll and brainafk watch a movie while playing you still do a lot of dmg. Like 50% of your dmg is just passive from your summons.

Not scouter.

summoner 100%

I would say Arcana. It’s need learning curve but the DPS is insane right now. It’s on paar with the Barage Arti and Igniter. Summoner is easier to play but the DPS lack at least in master summoner engraving.

Arcana is by far the cheapest class to build out of the 3., i built mine with 5x3 for less than 25k.

Summoner is the most expensive in my opinion since she is newer, and her engravings go for a lot of money, i built my alt summoner with a 5x3 and it cost me around 200k gold.

i think summoner is harder to play than arcana, especially on higher tier raids, where the bosses move all the time and as a summoner you have a high chance of missing half of your abilities.

An arcana does constistent dmg all the time, is very fast and has more options to manage the fight.

(when i mean harder to play, i mean doing the optimal damage)


was the accessory with master summoner good quality? cus on euc its all shit quality unless you pay over 200k for it

i used a legendary grudge 3 , master summoner 3 accessory for roughly 10k.

i bought the legendary engravings tho.

I love my Summoner, but keep in mind two things: (1) It is extremely expensive to buy good accessories and legendary engravings for this class; and, (2) Summoner is getting its ass kicked with the nerfs coming tomorrow. 4% damage reduction across the board, made up only slightly with a slight increase to Master Summoner engraving, and 20% nerf to Phoenix in pvp. :frowning:

Everyone in Korea said that 4% it wasn’t even felt

I enjoy my summoner more than my arcana.