Arcana waiting room

I keep seeing posts for other classes and I’m posting tuis to see if many people are waiting for arcana, as don’t want us to be forgotten about because we don’t make as much noise, hoping she gets into the next roadmap since she was left off the April may one


Class Looks really fun and the only mage class i would try. Let the cards decide!

Hope we get her soon

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I hope so too. Arcana is the class I mained so I was a bit miffed when it wasn’t announced for this release. Hopefully they stick to their words by saying they are releasing the OG classes sooner rather than later!


yes! :black_heart: very excited for arcana to be released in our version, her class seems very interesting and unique


yeah it was my original main too, ive setup 5 alts 1340+ ready to support her when she releases haha

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Cool idea dude. Sup everybody!

When I was watching the trailers of Lost Ark way back then, Arcana was the class that interested me. The rest seemed generic.

I picked the Gunslinger cause imo she is the most original class in the game.

What did u guys pick instead of Arcana?

soulfist but i am full of regret, have to try way harder than other classes to still underperform haha

Lol, Soulfist, the only class even worse than Gunslinger. xD

They were about to buff her Base Attack by 30%. What happened to that?

they were going to add that in replace of removing the 50% damage buff she gets from her energy release ability, people complained as it meant less burst damage but i feel like long term it would have worked better, so no buff for her unfortunately, only playing her atm because shes tier 3 so dungeon weeklys

Hope they gonna give us a ticket to transfer item level to another Hero. If there is such a thing.

i dont think there is, but im sure we will get a t3 powerpass in the near future

but, as long as we get any powerpass to atleast t2, i have enough resources to get arcana to 1370 with ease, working on getting a full set of level 7 gems for her atm

Arcana, Summoner and Artist. I was so excited when French accidentally leaked the Arcana just to then be super sad when they said it’s going to be a destroyer instead.

that was actually a nerf by removing her 40%+ self buffs along with it

i dont see how thats a nerf though? 30% consistent damage id happily have over a 50% damage buff that lasts 6 seconds and is on a 15 second cooldown, especially as energy overflow

because hype train players had enough cooldown to have it up as needed and get all their skills on CD within that 6 seconds

Been taking a vague look at Arcana but I don’t understand her identity skill at all. She just draws random cards that are all buffs? What’s the gimmick for it? What’s the class engravings do?

one engraving, stack ruin (debuff) for more damage on execution skills, other engraving adds emperor card that does a gigantic aoe if you pull it

her identity is just building meter to pull cards

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not all are buffs, some debuff you so you have to memorise all the cards

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Thank you!!!

Oh boy…. She seems so unique and cool to play but I think I’ll suck bad at her. What happens if you pull a bad card? You just have to deal with it? Or can you pick if you want to use the card or not?