Arcanist or Summoner for sixth non-Relic alt?

Heya all,

I’ve always been more a “ranged” type of player than a pure melee one, and I’m having one roster slot remaining that I’ll probably use on either of the two last Mage classes.
I’ve been hesitating to create an Arcanist for a while, as I’ve mostly read that it’s barely unplayable/unenjoyable without relic set. As this will be my 6th alt, it’ll likely be stuck to 1415 or so, limited to Orehas/Argos/GR/CD/etc.
Now we have the Summoner and I’m wondering which one would be the “most enjoyable” to play at this range.

Which one would you advise, based on your personal experience ?

Thanks again !

Actually both aren’t that good/enjoyable without relic-set but i would say you could try the pet swift build with the summoner as a 1415 alt without relic.

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Yeah, I kinda got prepared on the fact the performances won’t be here without relic sets anyway. But as long as I’m having some fun, I’m fine with it, as it’ll mostly be used on pretty “trivial” stuff.

I have read up a bit about the options and indeed the Summoner’s Pet Swift build was probably the one I would have tend to go toward - but I prefer having forumers’ point of view as reading texts doesn’t give you real gameplay feelings. Thanks !

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Arcana isnt really ranged. It plays more melee than any of the other mage specs.

Rain is the only real range you have, the others are stacks or ground placements.

If you want true range then youre limited to sorc or summoner.

These are bot the classes you want, they require relics and both a poop ton of gems. Arti might fit the bill for you

I’m not sure about Summoner but Arcana needs a TON of resources to perform at any kind of a resonable level, so I’d say she’s definitely not the choice for you