Are abyss dungeon chests and cards packs always worth it?

i have characters which could be at 960 Item level. should i keep them under 960 item level, so i can still get this week the chests for the rohendel abyss dungeons? or are the chests just a waste of gold, because they just give t1 gear and (bound?) t1 materials?

also should i always do with all 12 alts every abyss dungeon for the card packs? even if i cant get all rewards, because my item level is too high? or because there is no guarantee for the card packs?

do not open the chest if you dont need the items, its a waste of gold.

cards are a very end game thing to do, evetually you will complete it. if you want to buy weekly card packs go to peyto and the other ship i forgot the name, they sell card packs for pirate coins

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omg i didnt know. thank you. wasted all my gold

i don’t agree. the chest is worth buying for any character you intend to push, assuming you’re on item level

especially for non-t3 dungeons, the gold is literally baby gold compared to t3

Not always worth it, I think it takes a 30% cut if you take the chest. If you’re only doing it for upgrade materials and the card pack don’t take it. If you’re doing it for more chances at good accessories with your class engravings then probably don’t take it and just look on the auction house instead.

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so your answer is always no? @ Vehicle

if you dont need the items, if you are pushing a character that means you need them, so of course you should take the chest.

his question is targetted about card packs, are you rly gonna waste that gold for 1-2 card packs?

if you have your engravings fine for your alt for that specific tier and a good ability stone, its pointless to open the chest


it’s not the most expensive source of card packs- personally i really don’t care enough for the amount of gold in t1 and t2 abyssals i just buy them regardless (if i’m doing it on a character that can buy them). argos/oreha hard is another story tho

…thats exactly what they said

yeah i suppose that is

Not always no, it depends. I don’t remember how many materials you get from the chests and I can’t find it posted anywhere but it’s not hard to look them up on the market to see what it costs.

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If you are progressing in T2, they are worth it for the materials.

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ah yes, you should. and this is not related to the extra chest. they also don’t come in packs, it’s a straight drop (not a guaranteed drop, mind you). and it’s always legendary. for some legendary cards, this is almost the only way to get them. 12 alts sounds a bit extreme but try to do as much as you can without burning yourself out.


Can you explain this more in-depth please? It doesn’t show a potential straight drop on the chest listing. So you… don’t want the chests in the lower ilevel abyss?

you can’t even buy the chest if you’re above the ilvl for gold