Are AGS/SG still working on a solution for EUW?

Could any CM comment on this?
Is anything being done or are they just waiting for us to quit the game?


I got brother that did go EUW after EUC got so high quees. And almost all her friends did quit euw and my brother also did come back euc after been euw more then 4 month you can just think how bad things are EUW if someone is filling to lose 4 month progress and start over again so he can play game normally. and he did come euc only because he is not trusting AGS/SG will do anything about this problem long time its been alyrdy know issue what 2-3 month?

Well smilegate needs to find a solution but i guess they won’t since it’s not profitable for them anymore. Really sad but yea, must people did know that going to EUW is bad. That is the problem, everybody already had their EUC account. Not enough people joined afterwards to fill up EUW and some people returned to EUC as soon as the queue problem was gone…I do hope for you guys that they will find a solution but you should not bet on it. Maybe people should start to create secondary accounts on EUW to help you guys :hugs:

Yes indeed; we’re working through merge plans now and once those are complete we’ll share them to players.


Thanks, appreciate the reply

While this is fantastic news for EUW, I’m sure many of us are curious if merges for EUW are the only ones being discussed, or is AGS discussing merges for other regions as well?

Server merges or region merge?

Are you guys looking at South America servers too? Servers like Gienah are completely empty.

Yes yes, “working”

server merge, which is pretty pointless tbh

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It’s good for things like Death’s Hold, Ghost Ship, World Boss, Sea co-op, etc.

Does nothing for legion/guardian raids and the accessory/tripod market.

A server merge is sadly only going to adress 10% of the issues EUW has. I’m confident that pretty much everybody that asks for a merge is asking for a region merge with EUC. Can you give us a statement on that specific scenario?

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Server merge won’t do anything to alleviate the main problems - AH and party finder :(.

Yeah, Im just interested in this issue as some friends started in EUW (I refused to start over on EUW) and if they are really working on server merges on EUW then they just dont understand the problem OR region transfers are not possible at all. Instead of saying these pointless things like “were working on it” they should specify if they are working on region transfers or not, and if they are not working on region transfers, give some kind of compensation of EUW players to start on EUC. I cant even imagine playing on a dying region and getting these vague “answers” monthly from a CM and wondering if i should start all over or not. Just rip the bandaid off for fuck sake.

EUW already got compensation to swap from EUC, now you want compensation again to swap back :rofl:

And they have been saying for months now that region merge is highly unlikely and they are working on server merges.

Server Merge. They dont have the technology to merge Regions.

So if you Merge Empty servers, you got a big empty server. Great! GG!

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@Roxx Sorry to tag you here but I don’t feel like opening a new thread for a very niche situation. Upon release, I had to create my roster on a low population server -Inanna- because the server my friends are on -Trixion- was oversaturrated and there was no way to create a toon there, even very late at night. They all played during early access and I chose not to because I wanted to try the game before anything. I was wondering if server transfers were also in the pipelines and may be coming with the merges ? Idc about having to pay a fee to do it, I just want to be able to partake in gvg and pvp with my buddies.