Are assassins fun and good?

I’m making alts and there’s practically no threads on assassin. Are they fun to play? Is their damage decent? I don’t want to burn a knowledge transfer on a bad class.

there are no bad classes, its on the player to perform well


Imagine believing this KEKW.

Is their damage decent?

If you want to deal damage go with Surge Deathblade, currently the most broken build and DPS out there. I’m playing one myself. Shadowhunter is decent but damage falls off significantly compared to Deathblade.

I have both classes at 1390 currently.

I like shadowhunter so far.

Yeah shadowhunter really falls off later huh…

Surge actually falls off alot later on due to back damage being a pain in legion raids.

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yeah now let’s compare Deathblade huh
90m hit every 15 secs vs 15m not even including other skills from Deathblade. Constant surge uptime, buffs etc. Now please out of sight after you have seen the results.

Also the video below Valtan hard under 12 min vs shadowhunter valtan normal 20 min KEK

Surge actually falls off alot later on due to back damage being a pain in legion raids.

Couldn’t be more wrong…

Shadowhunter getting mvp vs a deathblade, theyre both great classes, one isnt significantly better or worse, as its on the player to perform well :man_shrugging:

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I mentioned already that Shadowhunter is DECENT right? Can you read?
I’m just saying DPS wise Deathblade folds Shadowhunter anytime and at every opportunity. Shadowhunter while might fun loses a big amount of DPS against Sorc, Deathblade and Zerk. That’s a fact dunno why you are so pressed about this. I have a 1390 DI Shadowhunter myself I play everyday.

Youre the one messaging me, so desperate to be right lol, damage isnt the end all be all clearly so it ultimately doesnt matter at all as you can still mvp with any class

I’m seriously thinking deathblade then. Sounds like they’re pretty good. The transform for shadowhunter is meh for me.

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Now move along :sparkling_heart:


For sure, its all about finding a playstyle you enjoy and utilizing it to its potential!

Swiping isn’t gonna get you to that level bud.

I have death blade alt at tier 2. I personally don’t like their gameplay. I don’t like the constantly charging to attack, as quit a few of their main damage skills are charge skills. Even with Supercharge at Rank 3 and Spirit Absorption at rank 2, I cannot stand it.

But that is my personal preference. It is a fine class, just not my cup of tea.