Are bard is heal slave?

i got blamed by this zerker for not using my heals on YOHO guardian raid

i use my serenade courage nonstop and give lv 3 atk buff nonstop, for faster kill

no one complain about it but this zerker who kept dying, and refuse to use pot just because there bard on his team

i do mostly heal on argos / abyssal

but on yoho i always do damageboost lv2 / 3
and only heals when there 2 or more people nearly died
dont feel like wasting my heal for 1 people


No thoughts… my head is empty :drooling_face:

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Keep doing what you are doing. If someone doesn’t want to use pots then they need to dodge. Most people want speed for yoho to get it over with.


You’re doing fine, keep at it.

just close the chat and go for what you are doing. Heal in this game is just small present nothing more and people should not count on that.

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Feel free to /block that guy. If this is matchmaking free to click Quit raid (or whatever button says).
I dont even try for players like this.

Perfect example why ppl dont want to play support …

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Don’t take it to the heart. Today I’ve had people waste all 3 resurrections within first 2 min of Yoho because none of them wanted to use pots.
With the fever time and everything that we’re getting for free, the amount of grief and flame in Guardian Raids is really nasty.

Sad is it require 1370 so that people should be skilled enough to avoid all 3 yoho skills :smiley:

I main Bard, usually in LFG Groups im a Healbot, just to save ppls Potions. Personally idm if a Guardian took 3 or 5 min to die, so i only use Courage if no one flop, wich is maybe the case in 1/15 Runs.

But no random DPS has to cry about your Heal on a Guardian who is close to a Lootchest.

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If people are missing health it’s ideal to use your heal at 1 bubble, it’s plenty enough

i usually heal if there 2 or more people below half

but when there only 1, i dont want to waste my heal only to heal that 1 person when he can just use pot

because filling bard special meter take forever without using any ult

If your heal is up with 1 bubble then just throw it down. Even if it’s just one person

Heal shouldn’t be your priority, your priority is to give damage. Heal when (if) they are out of pots, but obviously not in a Guardian.

Whoever dies in a Guardian, deserves to remain dead and ignore/block that berserker.

sounds like someone who is just bad at the game trying to blame others :sweat_smile:. ignore and move on.

I prefer if bards 3 bar damage buff in guardian raids. Players should be used to running these dailies without a support. With a bard providing shields you really shouldn’t be needing to use potions to clear guardians that you’re used to running without supports.

I always double 3 bar dps buff when running my daily Yohos on my bard alt. Usually that leaves enough meter for me to drop a one bar heal at some point in the fight.

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Don’t worry you will get your vengance when you reach Valtan Hard and charge 3k gold per DPS.

Exactly. Heals are something you have to use as an EMERGENCY (for instance, Valtan, no rez, someone made a mistake in P3 and don’t have pots).

Bard and Paladin are not “healers”, they are meant to give you dmg. Their mitigation should be enough for you, they are not there to “heal” you and if you think they are you don’t know how the class works.

Of course they can heal you, but that’s not what they have to do. We have to save our Identity dmg buff for the right moments to use.

If someone needs to be constantly healed, kick them out of raid, guardian or whatever, those are the kind of players you don’t want to group with.

Are bard is heal slave?

Go call him a bot. Fight Class based stereotypes with Class based stereotypes.

And yes, healing is the thing a bard can do better than any other class.

It really depends. Most of the time for matchmaking I’ll heal and top people off when they are at 60-80%, I don’t wait till they are nearly dead.

The reason why they aren’t nearly dead when you play is because they use potions, so if you aren’t healing them when they are hurt until they are nearly dead then guess what? You are only healing them when they are nearly dead and have no potions.

I get it, you gotta choose between damage and healing, but for most pugs you still wanna spam that 1 chord heal to save your allies’ potion usage. Keeping them topped is usually also good for damage uptime as they’ll play less passively when there’s less risk.

Zerker just mad he got “nerfed” and now can’t unga bunga without dodging anymore. You’re doing fine.

You are going to get at least same amounts of complaints if you don’t use attack buff.
I have usually done the first 2 pips/charges for attack buff then if party needs healing when I have the next pip/charge its a heal. Then see what happens next.

I have started liking my paladin more. Feels more like it can do healing without loss of attack buff and people avoiding “small” circle that I try and place in a good spot but then boss also often immediately pummels the spot “randomly”.