Are berserkers in some trolling cult? or whats goin on?

you know how koreans said they dont invite reapers because they die alot right? berserker is whole another story in western release.
if someone dont throw consumables its almost always berserker. if someone is dying in raids on every pull its berserker. if someone acts arrogant its berserker.
Im really wondering why. like whats goin on with that class?


Zerker Brains.

It is real.


Even before NA came out, Berserker had a reputation where they either die a lot, or they carry the whole raid and MVP. Thats the appeal for a lot of people. Just depends on the people you play with and how good they are at the mechanics of the raid.

Most Played class so you See IT more offen and therefore you See more ppl suck on it


berserker was good and easy cookie cutter and durable, now it’s made of glass. so you have all these people pick this class and it get a huge survival nerf and you have this.

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I have 2.5k hours played and I’ve seen more fuck ups from destroyers/gunslingers/deadeyes then berserkers.
Which is saying something considering its such a popular class.I would have expected a higher ratio of berserkers fucking up but it’s usually someone else.

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Most people with low IQ pick zerker its just how it is


Naw, my IQ just drops when i log into it then bounces back when i swap chars or log out.

iirc most played class is demo

Zerkers are just zerkers tbh, go on Wow, you won’t find any high IQ war, except tanks maybe ?

It’s the same everywhere, you can’t expect from people that chose the most basic gameplay of the story of the video game to be good ._.

Nobody takes deadeyes. They’re perma locked to the floor

Well. It’s in the name.

It is good class if you dont want to invest time to play properly. So many sloths are playing zerkers…


Well me and my friends have really bad experience with random bersi in our raids.
One took it to the extreme.
Went Vykas normal, he looked fine. We did Gate 1 and wiped at the orb mechanic. He flamed and we checked him out again… suddenly the bersi had Heavy Armor & Co. instead of his engravings when he joined :smiley:

From what I’ve seen on class distribution lists Beserker’s are the most played class by far across all servers, followed by Sorc. Because of this, based on probability alone, there will always be a lot more bad players playing Beserker than other classes.

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I had one arrogant Berserker in one of my last groups in Argos. But he was the last one standing :sweat_smile: But we lost the fight anyways.

def false.

The other day in fire yoho event raid i saw one standing in the fire and said " fire bad ". My man said " me understand " and i died laughing.

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mayhem not only lock out 75% of their health bars but also 75% of their brain too


Its what I have experienced.

Zerks start to lose neurons whenever they unlock lostwind crit bonus and think they cam go around without defensive cards.

Thats where we lose them. Rip

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