Are bots coming back?


First time I’ve seen all NAW servers busy. This is at 8pm PST on a Saturday, so I guess it’s still primetime for west coast…but still.

Are bots slowly coming back, or is the NAW population that high?

Fish prices are coming down, so yes. And also, good thing too.

I play on NAW (Rohendel) and honestly, it isn’t super bad, at least not as bad as it was. It’s at its worst in the early-game areas such as Luterra, Anikka, Arthetine, etc, but I will admit that they are slowly moving to the current “later-game” content, since I’m seeing a couple here and there in Punika. However, it does appear that the weekly maintenance server downings are actually helping quite a bit.

I can tell by looking at the number of channels available. Before it seemed like they were actually attempting to stop the bot problem, places like Luterra in my server would have around 10-16ish channels per area. It went down to roughly 1-3 in the first week or so, after the first big update. Nowadays, it will go up to around 10 channels in Luterra, then it will go back down to 1 when the server goes back up after maintenance, then it will slowly climb back up to 10ish by maintenance, the following week. Anything North Vern, or later than North Vern, in my experience so far, has stayed at 1-2 channels consistently.

I have also noticed that the number of spammy gold-selling messages in area chat has drastically decreased, and stayed decreased, and I have not gotten a single spammy gold-bot piece of mail in my inbox since that first update regarding the bots.

actually, they never leave…

It is prime time for many players although the battle against bots is always an ongoing fight.


i think if ur team cant deal with the bots in Lost Ark, then every game that ur team realease will full of bots in the furture, cause it was the same situation in New world, most important thing is the Currency Exchange i think, they can hack the game system which is amazing thing, why cant ur team learn from Korean’s team, if this is a Korean sever they will fix anything in one mouth and no more bots in this game.

we want a solution not a excuse, since this game realeased its almost half year, the bots still full of this game, i dont think this will happen in any game else, that is impossible but Amazon’s game almost be the bots’ home

Any MMO populated with players will have bot issue, those don’t have bots issue, the game itself is on life support. To eliminate bots completely is a tall task, but do wish AGS/SG keep them under control, purge them often, so bots are always on the leveling cycle.


6000 people in NAW Valtan Medeia last weekend.
We fine people are flocking back because of the bikini event.

The right answer is … bots never goes away. It’s to the point that botters are part of the game population

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Wow has bots
FF has bots
MapleStory has bots
RuneScape has bots
GW2 has bots
Tree of Savior has bots
Ragnarok Online has bots
Blade and Soul has bots
TERA had bots
Dungeon fighter has bots
Aion has bots
LaTale has bots
Flyff has bots
Rose had bots
Maple2 had bots
Korea LOA has bots (sure they’re lower and that’s because you require a KSSN / Social Security) to even make accounts.

Any MMO which was ever profitable has (always) had bots.

SGR and AGS have done a brilliant job thus far delating as many as they can. We used to be at 900k CCU with a 400-500k bot infestation.

Now we are down to 250k CCU average consistently for over 4 weeks with minimal bot activity.

There aren’t excuses, they are already doing a lot.


bots are steadily rising again
they won’t fix it because it costs money, only a banwave when there are insane queues, then its back to where it was everytime
zero word on the captcha implementation which is not even active
all measures they took mostly affected players
don’t expect anything different, look at history, argos (first wave) > june (2nd wave) > 3rd wave now

@Kova minimal bot activity? none of these games have half of the concurrent player numbers as bots

Wait Maplestory 2 had bots? I quitted about 2 months before it got yeeted from NA.

One thing I’m curious about, why has NAW been primarily targeted by bots? I remember a few weeks back we were having queues upwards of 20k. But I never heard of any crazy queues in other regions like NAE/EUC.

ASK your RMT friends why your server gets targeted?¿

And just to make sure in EUC many server had 25k++ queues but not because of bots, because of Real persons. After head start of the game it’s was a hell for most people

In the last spike at 1million „player“, most EUC servers had queues but only up to like 3/4K, so no one was flaming in the forums, because we already have done our trip through big queues ( hell)


Yeh it was probably worse than what you saw in LOA tbh ;_;

But yeh lots of MMOs have bots. The difference however is the severity.

But SGR and AGS have done a great job controlling them. I’m barely disturbed if at all :o

We don’t have true numbers but based on channel availability in previously contested maps, the bots are barely 1/20th of what they were on the server I reside on in NA West.

We could argue all day about CCU and how it’s not indicative of true population, but without proper measurable data our discussion would be useless.

Personally I’d hardly call this a “wave”, if it spiked to 500-600k with immediate effect I would have agreed, but to maintain a consistent 200-300k is reasonable and within controlled parameters.

As far as captchas go, nobody I know has been promoted yet, but it’s turned down at the moment and doesn’t look like it’s been needed to be switched on. The teams are taking an adaptive approach rathar than just enabling it. I’d say we will only see it come to pass IF the queues go insane.

“minimal bot activity”

Don’t talk big when you don’t have sufficient information.

There are several posts exposing that botters are currently able to make 5 times the amount of gold that they used to.

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NAW leveling zones are 2:1 in favor of bots at least.

yeah duh. But there is a difference between not doing anything about it and being lazy and taking steps ALL THE TIME. I don’t think retail has bots because they all disappeared when the wow token came in. classic does.