Are bots really bots?

I challenged a bot to a duel and it owned me. He/the bot didn’t move like a bot and also said Ez in the end and went back to finishing quests with his other 20 Berserker friends.
Does this mean they’re actually humans pretending to be bots?

Lol smile gate and amazon said the put all the anti cheats in place but there is still bots the question SHOULD BE WHO CONTROL THE BOTS TO MINIPILATE THE MARKET

Bots are bots, thats for sure. Buy how do you know for sure that you arent one?

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It could be a player multiboxing


I checked the “I’m not a robot thing”
Surely I can’t be a robot :robot::robot::robot:

Bot trains have a leader that is controlled by a human if needed, the rest is in full auto.

Better question is that out of 500k current loged in account how many are real player. 100-200k maximum.

Less than 200k real players for sure.

Hail Skynet! Let Zion fall and the chosen one perish in despair! Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo…

Not I am… but WE are robot! :robot:

Shall we all stop playing Lost Ark so the bots won’t have any costumers and they might leave for good xD