Are bound harmony shards and leapstones useless after exceeding to the next tiers?

There’s got to be something done about this. How can these shards and leapstones just sit on a character and nothing it can be used or exchanged for or even shared across characters…Is korea having the same issue?

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It is my understanding, that you have to pay attention to what resources you are acquiring on your character. If you click the chests for more details, most of them, can be traded, while still in the chest, but the contents are bound. So don’t open the chests, put them in your roster storage and then use them on the characters that need them. It’s the one thing I wish I better understood prior to starting the game.

It’s true, but I see no reason to punish players with character bound & outdated materials, when they can simply be made roster bound. Especially since the game is all about your roster and army of alts.

If you make a mistake on claiming the mats on the wrong character, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Makes no sense to have the honing material bound to character instead of roster.


Generally the most annoying are from quests that pop up randomly after you hit a certain rep from Una or the come back tomorrow ones. I’ve had multiple quests just show up in places.

You can try to do them on alts but it’s just a hassle.

I completely agree with you. I’m simply telling op what I learned the hard way as well.

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Just keep it in your storage as they may be tradable between roster in the future.

Yeah now i’ll have to start paying attention to it all. I’m leaving my islands alone until lancemaster is release to do them and grab the bound mats

Im hoping so. Anyone know if korea has made those changes?

All other regions are able to trade their bound mats between their roster.


Okay then yeah most likely we’ll be late to the game!

dont make sense fully agree.

Yes, 100% useless and intentionally bad design.

Do you know when mats will become roster bound? when honing buffs drop, cause then AGS doesn’t care all that much about padding your early game progress

it’s because amazon wants you to swipe your card for ez money