Are Crystals server, region or accound bound

I still haven’t gotten around to playing the game, so could someone who has early access confirm for me if blue and golden crystals are bound to the server, the region or to the account please?

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They are account bound… but your account is limited to the regions. you can’t connect to other regions (NA player cannot connect to EU or SA)

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But is it possible to someone to buy stuff from the shop on SA Region, but retrieve it in another region?(From the product inventory)

If you can’t login to another region with your account… how would you propose claiming it in another region? Think about it right.

You can only login to your region on your account. If you go to login screen can you even see other countries servers? No.

So… if you bought it… how would you claim it in those countries?

Well, you see we’ve had a huge discussion on the thread about this, and those who are against the regional pricing are always saying there shouldn’t be any because people would use VPNs to go to SA buy crystals for cheap and then ruin the market for NA.

And since the amazon staff have been rather quiet about the answers from the Monetization team, we are trying to get to know if SA monetization is isolated from the rest and with this it would be possible for us to get acessible prices

I severely sympathize with you… given the fact that your servers cannot interact with other regions i struggle to understand why more affordable prices based on your local economy are not being offered.

It does come across as very tone deaf imo for both smilegate and amazon

What’s worse, at first I think we were going to have it, because the Founder’s pack had a really good regional price, but there were some problems with the Turkish one and they removed from EVERYWHERE:

We are currently waiting for answers from the monetization team to see if it would be possible:

And so, we wait while we look for information if we are isolated monetarially from other servers, because that would make it 100% possible for regional pricings

What? But i can log on other regions, I just did it now to be sure.

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