Are deathblade underpowered PVE?

are deathblade underpowered PVE?

my main is 1100 deathblade, maxed remaining energy and supercharge engraving, up until now i only got once MVP on guardian raid

but i try sorcerer alt, WITHOUT any engraving, and just basic equip from chaos dungeon, currently at begining tier 2

and i got all MVP card everytime i guardia raid, mostly 30-45% damage

how this is even fair?

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Im Playing shadow on Deamonize and i beat every mage on my lvl (1330) Cause most people dont even know how to use engravings etc.

I decided to try a Deathblade as Alt. Used Burst engravings arround 2-3H to understand the system and i get MVP. The minor diffrence is if you play deathblade you HAVE to back attack to deal dmg if you miss out on it you will probably end up at 4th place in dmg cause everything resolves arround your ultimate.

So yes you have to understand the class to deal dmg its harder then other ones cause you have to actually use your brain ^^


  • My MVP on the second T3 Abyss Dungeon (1340 iLvL).

This is bait right?

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Answer … “no”

Hope it helps.

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Real talk, you probably don’t excel with the playstyle of Deathblade, which is fine.

I ran my Shadowhunter up to T3 and wasn’t loving it, felt a lot like you did. Swapped to a Deathblade, now at T3 as well. I’m MUCH better at Deathblade than I was Shadowhunter. The mobility and easy repositioning is my bread and butter and I get frequent MVPs.

Another anecdotal experience, Fatespire felt near impossible at ilvl with Shadowhunter where I mostly breezed through it on Deathblade, most floors taking me 1 to 3 minutes less to complete on my Deathblade.

Find what you love to play, and MVP should come more frequently.

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so i how i properly play death blade

i try back attack as much as i can

but i also have fear of bos attack will burn out my potion

unless there a good bard or good paladin, who shield me nonstop so i dont care about my HP

most of time i was dodging enemy bos atk and spam my blitz and soul absorber

am i doing wrong?

It is not underpowered at all. I also main Deathblade.

The thing that I don’t like about Deathblade is that too often, in my opinion, you end up having every ability on cooldown for the next 6+ seconds and you’re stuck with basic attacks that deal 0 damage for 6+ seconds straight, which in a boss fight feels like an eternity.

unless there a good bard or good paladin, who shield me nonstop so i dont care about my HP

There is your problem.

Sounds like your losing uptime due to anxiety from boss attacks, which tells me that you will have a better time playing ranged. Most boss attacks don’t require you to run fully out of range of the boss to avoid. You learn those patterns through repetition and guides.

For the ones that do have point blank AOE attacks, I usually dash out and then use Dark Axel to get right back on the boss with little downtime.

If you are playing Remaining Energy you need to make sure you have high Specialization since you are constantly trying to get your orbs back up as fast as possible or else you will have downtime due to not triggering the cooldown reduction from your trance activation

That is why Surge Deathblade is a bit easier early on since you can get to your rotation with even small amount of Specialization and have a bit more leeway in equipment to start out.

In general you always want to stay at the back of the boss and attack, it gets easier once you learned the fight but if you don’t you will not do as much damage as you can.

Surge does a LOT more damage than Remaining Energy for a while.

what is the problem?

i dont understand wht are u saying

so i should always group up with paladin / bard?

what if thats only guardian raid, i have to wait premade?

why cant i play with random matchmaking and still doing fine with 4 dps

with a bard and a paladin, nothing to be proud of idk


Has been very easy for me to learn Deathblade. I’ve been using the 2 guides I’ve linked below and yea… I’m having no issues.

*I don’t like the Surge playstyle and from what I’ve read Remaining Energy does more DPS.

Here is the Surge guide if you prefer Surge: Surge Deathblade Raid Build Guide for Lost Ark on

I main Surge Deathblade and I get constantly MVPs.
Right now i’m in Tier 3, Master of Ambush 3 and Surge 2 atm (working on it), spec + crit.
This class just destroys content, it’s not underpowered at all.

because with sorcerres i can just turn off my brain and spam my skill and get mvp with 30-45% damage

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Yes. You need to know the boss and know how to engage and disengage. When the boss goes into certain motions you know its time to get out. When he finishes that motion you jet in and wreck. This isn’t a standard MMOG where you just stand there and some healer triesd fervently to keep you alive. My main is a bard and people like that just annoy me. They get mad when they die as if its my fault they tried to face tank vertus.

Don’t forget Deathblade are always doing backstab damage not frontal.