Are Gold Region Bound?

I just saw a post they said that secondary founder items cant be sold.

Can I sell my founder items on the other server I started with but don’t play anymore? (Sever Valtan)

Or trade them to my account on Rohendel server?

Or at least sell them for Gold and somehow get the currency on my characters on Rohendel to buy skins?

I believe the market is region wide, if that is the case assuming both those servers are in the same region you could put something on the market for a specific recognizable large amount of money on the character you want to transfer the gold to and then buy it on the character with the gold, would lose a bit to the tax but at least transfer most of the gold over.

Wouldn’t take my word for it though, that’s just what i’ve heard, worth testing it beforehand.

No…I don’t think so. I may be wrong. But I think the market is just for the server/kader.