Are hell valtan busses allowed?

If nobody is account sharing, just bussing hell valtan the same way people have been bussing argos/valtan/etc., is that allowed?

Why would you bus hell valtan though? They give you nothing than achievements, title, strong hold statues to flex. And in hell you get 1 shot half the time by any attack so I dont think having 1 less dps alive gonna help you clear hell mode

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because people want the title without working for it.

im not actually sure how possible hellmode busses are, but if someone can do it. im sure some crazy whale is willing to pay a million gold for it.

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Uhh busses are fine in general. But I don’t think you’ll be wanting 1 dead/afk person. lol

Its probably possible but the chance are extremely low with 6-7 people alive to dps but then i dont think anyone would bother to spend an hour or so of doing it and wasting tons of resources and get some gold thats going to be split into 6/7. Its better to just go bus normal or hell mode and argos

There shouldn’t be anything wrong with that but goodluck first finding buyers for it and second actually doing it with 1 less person. Personally the only thing I’d care about from there is the title you get for not dying and clearing both Gates because it also has an icon next to it, but you can’t do that if you have an AFK that will 100% die unless they’re like you said sharing account.

they want anything in general without working for it. but why would anyone pay that much gold just to get the title achievement? it’s just a title it won’t make your “something” get bigger or whatever.

From what I know a lot of people play with titles off aswell so goodluck showing off your title for doing absolutely pointless content which doesn’t mean you’re any better than people who haven’t done it just because they value their time and don’t get rewarded for the said content.


Even if it was possible on Hell Valtan, it’s very unlikely to be feasable for anything above it, and Hell Valtan is considered the Hell mode “tutorial”, so even for bragging right, it’s good, but not that great.

However, I can guarantee you, no group that has even the smidge of a potential to succeed will want to carry you for 2 reasons:

  1. If they are extremely skilled, they will want the deathless title, which is where the prestige is at, and that requires everyone to live through everything
  2. If they already have the deathless title, they are very unlikely to want to set foot in it ever again, unless you pay an absurd amount of gold for it, which, considering you want to be bussed in end game content, you probably don’t have enough to pay them anything they’d value

Even with all this, you will never be able to be carried through the deathless title, so if you find a group, by some miracle, you’re paying prolly thousands of dollars worth of gold for… half the reward, and not the good half.

Is fine ,u just need find some noob with alot of mony as they just wonna to show up title after anyone see it there gameplay they will know he buy that pretty fast

I think they carry Hellmode Clown in KR for millions, no? Or is that done with account piloting only?

Pretty sure that would be account piloting, but I’m not that knowledgeable to know every dark corner of the bussing communities in KR.
I will say though, people like Saint who have cleared it take days of prog with 3 of the best players in the game to clear it again (granted on new classes)
It’s not a cakewalk, you cannot outgear it and the DPS check for Vykas and Kuku basically requires the use of adrophine (i.e. no timestop)

I don’t think it is possible due to dps checks and without piloting. Either way while I’m for bussing raids, simply due to them being directly tied to vertical progression, Hell mode is another story. Since those are only tied to titles and prestige it shouldn’t be lessened due to bussing.

How about you get good and stop trying to bus everything in the game.

If you like busses so much, go take a real public transport.

I just want to know if bussing it is against TOS or not, any CM responses?

It is not. There’s no need for a CM.

If you succeed in carrying someone, can you post about it? I’m curious to see if it’s possible

I know of someone who bussed it and got banned, just wondering if there’s correlation there or not, just want an official source to point back to

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U dont get bann for Carry Runs, the only reason a carry would get bann is by taking real money.
Its like in everygame that have carry runs.