Are names a region or server unique?

I know that on other regions they are region unique, but since we have strange limitations on names, it is possible that they are server unique and that second part of name is server name which we will not see.

So @Roxx if we can get confirmation are names server unique or region unique ?

Thank You


Imagine having one 1 word names and they manage to pull 500k players next week and names are Region shared and not Server based… lmao


Names are region-unique. Therefore once name is used on Server_A, it will not be allowed on Server_B.

What is source for that information ?
As i said, i know how is in other regions, but they also don’t have name restrictions like we have so it possible that we have server unique names, though I would prefer region unique names.
It would be nice to have confirmation from Amazon.

Names are in fact tied to the region, not the server


Wow, that makes the naming restrictions even more severe. Someone at AGS made a big calculation error here.


Rip to anyone not playing early access.


well even more reasons to lift those dumb naming restrictions then. it’s critical that your team does it before launch.


1 unique name PER REGION and you don’t allow spaces or more then 1 capital letter? + you have a full database of names that AREN’T ALLOWED because reasons?? AND deleted characters won’t free up their names???

Jezus christ… sb seriously think it is a good idea??



Freaking Hell, guys. Roxx got the message 1st 400 times we talked about it.

WE all made fun of it. Some of us did $h*t talk about it. Roxx knows this is smoking pile of…

No need to reference her with ‘@’ or quote her in every post just to fill her notification list.
At this point it is pretty abusive. And some of posts are pretty personal. Give her some space to focus on other work properly.

Please understand that anything she writes that is not “personal opinion” comes after verification. She would not give us those promises if there was not internal talk confirming them.

Feel free to make fun, be cynical, … about this problem as much as you desire. But don’t get into her face needlessly.


Let’s be real… It is the biggest frustration for most of the people on the forums. The conversation will continue as long as it is a problem. It is also likely to be the biggest issue with the launch perception for new players (outside of our little bubble here). I don’t think anyone is criticizing her or her performance, as she has done amazing and she is amazing. They are expressing their frustrations with the thing that bothers them most.

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Bro, a lot of people on the forums played New World, so not surprisingly everyone is a bit on edge with AGS publishing this game. We’re worried feedback moves slower than a turtle covered in super glue. We’re worried at every possible turn, the worst possible decision will always be chosen. We’re worried that should there need to be a way to transfer servers, it will take at least six months and have ten additional game breaking bugs that goes with it.

So, there’s a reason people are a tad testy.

Honestly, I refunded New World after beta. I am experienced enough to see failed projects.
There were no small hints. Instead, there were very large billboards advertising failure. People refused to see it.
I explained those deep underlying problems on NW forums. And that those are not things which can be resolved in few months. That those things take years and rework of entire world. Some of my friends decided to refund too. Rest did quit within 3 months.

I agree that AGS is incompetent. And that there are tons of reasons to worry. I understand them better than most. But at this point I am sure, AGS got the message loud and clear.

They know that players creating troll names is not a risk, it is certainty.
They know that players intend to review brigade because of this name fiasco.
They may even expect MEMEs.
Someone there may even have enough imagination to predict screenshots with dozens of troll player names arranged to create stupid sentences.
And I am sure, management realized that loss of reputation for Amazon will be potentially bigger than from NW.

And as I wrote, vent as much as you need. Just leave Roxx from BS posts, and include her in constructive posts.

Thank You for confirmation.

be creative.

xXZzLLeggolassxXZz…cant wait to see the creativity with these name restrictions…its 2022 not 1998 let us at least use first and last names with a space. Would go so far as variety for naming. Region wide naming is just bonkers.

Can you imagine getting first to the game and not getting your name :smiley: that’s gonna be an experience!

I can understand not wanting 50000 Legolases or Geralts running around so some restriction is good, but per server should have been enough. Per region is a bit crazy if transfers aren’t an intended feature, and honestly other games that have had a unique name rule and then merged servers have just sent out a free rename token (which I’m sure will be a monetised feature at some point).

Saying that though, if you’re name is common enough that it’s likely to get taken “immediately” I don’t understand the attachment to it because it obviously isn’t particularly unique

This is the worst idea that i heared for the game up until now, why with all the restrictions!?