Are people still being banned for buying platinum outfits?

As the title says, there have been some cases of people that claimed they got banned for buying platinum outfits due to the owner charge-backing the $100 pack. That being said I bought an outfit yesterday without realizing this was the case for some people and am contemplating selling it back. I could be over-exaggerating and this could also apply to any outfit on the F4 shop (outside of blue crystal outfits) I’m assuming… but I’d just like some clarification if people have been actually falsely banned for buying outfits due to a chargeback from the original owner or if it was for illegitimate reasons.

I would like to know this as well.

ive bought a gunslinger set a few weeks ago and haven’t been banned… yet LOL so i guess its not as common as people who wanted to charge back already did?

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Was there ever acknowledgement that this is indeed what was happening? I held off on buying outfits for a little, however recently I’ve bought around 6-7 cash shop cosmetics from the AH (with no issues as of right now).

There was from support, but there hasn’t been anything said as of late about it.

There was another thread that asked this same question that got a response; but they didn’t say anything about if it’s still an issue only responded like it was a ban appeal.
So I honestly don’t know, but I know it was an issue and I still don’t feel comfortable buying skins even though there are a couple I would love to spend my gold on.
I would just like a statement from someone, anyone, that the issue was resolved and it is no longer possible to be banned for someone elses’ decisions.

Source for that image:

It seems like a rumor at this point. I bought a plat skin right when people started saying you could get banned for it & I just sold it this week with no issues.

I’ve never actually seen confirmation that anyone has gotten banned for buying plat skins on the AH either so I’m just going to go out on a whim here and say that they were either RMT or doing something shady like buying the founders pack on a throwaway account, sending it to their main acc, then refunding it.

If you’re so worried about it, just take a screenshot of the transaction when it gets sent to your mail


I could honestly record the entire transaction; but I have also seen the difficulty people have had with support that deters me quite a lot because I worry they wouldn’t even look at my recording or screenshot.
Just generally a statement on situation would do a lot to help ease concerns.

Honestly this shit needs to change lmfao, if thats the case, if i buy any outfit from the store and the original owner does a chargeback im fucked… Once i purchase something for gold on the market the ownership should be mine alone not the previous owners…

Yeah, I’m not 100% sure the whole situation with them but it was a big hubbub a couple weeks back as you can see from the threads on that reddit page.
I just need peace of mind honestly lol that’s all I want, I was ready to save up 20k+ gold and drop it in a second on the Rohendel pre-order set lmao

I mean look how pretty. I would love to own this one day.


I wanna buy the deathblade outfit and im scared lmfao

but yeah these sets look gorgeous D:

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Replying to my own post here, was reading a forum post about this situation and Roxx’s replies, if anyone wants to check that out I’ll link it below. The ban is also referred to as a “Commerce Lock” ban. There’s a few posts about it on the forum referring to chargebacks from original owners and other mishaps. And of course there are also people who have RMT’d and got banned because of that and put the blame on buying an outfit. It’s very unclear on other people’s cases but this HAS and IS an issue, just not sure how responsive support is nowadays compared to before with their copy/paste system. Once again Roxx did say that support is aware of it 18+ days ago, just the appeal system seems extremely frustrating for some (once again, they might’ve rmt’d so it could be warranted, idk.)

Link to Roxx’s replies:

as well as this, but it might not revolve around the same topic:

It’s just a rumor started by people who got “Commerce Lock” ban from buying/selling 3rd party gold so that they can rile up people to their side in the hopes of AGS undoing all the Commerce Lock bans. As someone who bought multiple Platinum Skins and Lawmaker Skins, I know for a fact that tons and tons of transactions happen daily when it comes to these two skins. Because I watch the price carefully. If this rumor were true there would be constant new topics popping up regarding this everyday. But ironically people claiming to be banned due to ‘buying Platinum Skin on the AH’ all disappeared around a week or two after the mass ban of 3rd party gold buyers/sellers happened. Coincidence? Maybe, but I wouldn’t bet my money on it being a coincidence.

And the thing is, even the few people who were genuinely ASSUMING that they were banned due to buying whatever skins on the AH had 0 proof and it was pure speculation without any real hard evidence. So no point in worrying about all this boogie man scare.


No, using the Auction House to purchase a skin will not result in a ban


Thanks, Roxx!

I don’t think Amazon Support is the same team as Community Managers.

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You are right, so there is definitely some possible miscommunication happening between the two or of how things are handled differently.
However it is an immense relief to receive a solid answer on it and I (personally) trust Roxx’s word more.

I understand. My point is you should be asking Amazon Support the question instead of CMs.

Because like you said, they are the actual support for banning. So they are the ones whose confirmation you need.

Not sure you can actually take CM’s at their word, either, given how many times responses are changed around CM's Why are these lawmaker sets different? - #361 by Roxx or how they can respond to a critical issue like the login one 4 days in advance saying it’ll be looked at only to have it not be at all. EUW Login event ends on 3/14 - #5 by penG

(Yes, the 2nd EuW login breaking was 100% on that not being followed through with after stating it would be)

As to who’s end the problem is on, the CM’s etc reporting or the people recieving the reports supposed to act on them, or the people responsible for relaying corrected information to CM’s/support, who knows.

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Alright I finally got myself the platinum skin and I love it. I recorded it too just in case.


the fact that we have to feel obligated to “record” frustrates me even more lol