Are pets effect joke or is just bug or whatever?

I just got my first legendary pet with this effect

I got one buff like in 4 min interval is everythink ok? For what should be this good?
Imagine vykas die faster than you can get 3 buffs from this pet. Just why tell me …

I really got 3% as for 8 sec once per 4 min… Just why this exist… Idk

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How would you change this buff? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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Not a bug, the legendary pet effects are designed to be pretty useless because if they were super good, theyd be pay to win since you can buy rapport from the shop to feed to pets to get cookies to buy the materials to make legendary pets. Its better off how it is currently.


I agree with @Bluewoofz that we don’t want it to have a strong impact on multiplayer activities such as raids and what not because it’ll feel pay-to-win like they said.

I think to alleviate this we could make it so legendary pet effects offer miniscule bonuses during combat so it’s not that big of a deal but still something, and/or we could even have it boost some solo content. Some random ideas for that include things like tenacity (not being able to be interrupted) while singing songs (like song of return), increased movement speed on islands / around the world, automatic gear-repair, etc… Some sort of boost outside raids or instanced-content basically.


If that’s your definition of pay2win then why is honing okay?

You can buy honing mats from the shop and hone to high ilvl faster than anyone.

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I think we have enough useless rapports for vitameow. Alone the rapport item from alakkir is a good source.

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I dont think this have any impact on gameplay… Atleast the main buff should have less cooldown…
3% attack speed is nothing…

I have on my gunslinger quickstep life absorption 11.6% as/ms + a 16% as/ms rage rune…

Example from today… I was kunge… Just use some move abilities to be faster… And the buff proc on normal mobs in the guardian map…Idk…

If they want have something like this in game it should have a little bit better impact

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I dont know about legendary pets but they can give passive stats instead of active effects. Lets add normal pets %0.75 STR,DEX or anything and make legendary ones make %1. I think it is much better.

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PvE content in general imo can be broken down into minutes so consider changing the cooldown to 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds intervals, but the proc chances get lower in exchange

10% chance of atk. Speed +3% for 8s
20% chance of casting a 5s shield for 10% of Max HP
30% chance of recovering 3% of MaxHP

Pretty much yes. Its mostly for the extra storage space and super saiyan glow.

it’s roughly every 2 minutes, you get ONE of those 3 effects applied with chances taking place.
so, no. all 3 effects will never be applied at the same time

legendary pets actually came into the game “just for fun” (to get rid of those extra rapport items one is holding, that appearance change, cookies exchange) not to give beneficial boosts to players who make one.

I say it’s AGS’s fault for advertising it as one of the big “content update” while it never was. yet another moment where we can tell they don’t even know about the game they are publishing. It was that one of the side-updates when it first came in KR just like those stronghold decoration items update and things like that.

is 4 min confirm from kanima

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if it indeed is 4 minutes internal cooldown, we then have nerfed version compared to KR.

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