Are skins character bound?!

Ok so I really like the omen skin for mage. But I want this skin for arcana when ever she comes out.

If i buy this skin chest for mage, can I open it on arcana later? Or is it bound to my sorc?

Maybe they’re arquetype bound?, when I hover the cursor on my equiped skin says “warrior exclusive”. The only exception I suppose could be the weapon.

yes, skins are “class type” bound, aka Warrior, Assassin, so you can switch them within the same class (Paladin to Berserker or Gunlander etc).
There are some exceptions like Founder skin that are sub-class bound (paladin can be moved just to another paladin). Also you can’t move Male skin to female, even if within the same class type (striker to soulfist)

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Skins that are still boxed aren’t bound to a class yet. When you see the “preview” it’s showing what you will get if you open it with that character.

And some skins are class specific.

So you think its possible to buy it for mage and use it on arcana when she comes out?

(I saw the wepond she uses i think) the 3th one is that arcanas?