Are sorc ever gonna get a nerf?

Is it because korea doesnt care about pvp that we arent getting any nerfs to em? Like there a excuse in PVE (Being once we reach valtan classes start to equalize) but in PvP there is none whatsoever. I genuinely cannot for the life of me understand why the devs thought the current state of sorc is fine in PvP. They balanced zerkers out by making him decent in PvP but not for sorc.

I just hope we get a nerf soon for a lot of classes in PvP im just sick of the spam, teleport, spam, teleport. Unless your another sorc or like a sharpshooter/gunslinger your not gonna win and if you do you take a butt load of damage cause that just makes more sense.


sorc is a very feast or famine class, if you keep getting hit she gets teleports, because she has teleports she easily escapes and repositions to hit you to get teleports back.
but if you avoid her skills, bait teleports and then catch her she has no teleports to run, no space to use most skills and flops dead, on repeat as you can just do it again and again.

class does not need nerfs, its not overperforimg compared to other classes, its just abnormally annoying, the CC durations are ridiculous, hitboxes are terrible and rng hard CC is a joke.


Its kinda hard to bait her casts considering she can surround u with them and ur done for. I disagree though class does need nerfs it is very overpowered as well insane CC + Spam + crazy dmg is too much. Im also sick of how her ability works, I fly over to her and somehow get hit by a ground attack (Cuz that makes sense)


leap skills are only visual, every single skill will still hit you.
also, sorc has a deadzone, if you are really far, they can safely cast long range at you. if you are really close, they can also cast at you, but when you are mid range they cant use many of their skills and panic, lava wave is slow, lift has and cone has no range and everything else is unprotected.
its all about learning what the skills do and how to counter them.

Git gud stop asking for nerfs every time you lose to a class.

Wait til you get critted by a db on a non-awakening skill for 60k.


Happens already but for me its much easier to deal with DB than sorc

Never did that sounds like mage cope to me. You cannot deny that mages arent absolutely broken in this game in both PVE and PVP there broken.

It is not rly that she is op,

She synergises with any team comp and some of them make her unkillable.

Sorc rly isnt OP, 1v1 I can break almost any sorc on almost any class. Moment you pair her with Arti or bard or good WD or any Chadlancer it becomes nightmare to deal with her.

If you mad about sorcs, just wait till they relise summoner, its x10 times worse.

They will get a small nerf to their class identity.

First: Sorc is fine, there are stronger class in 3v3 ==> look player ranking base. So imo there is no need for nerf. Second opinion of this comunity no matter for Smilegate. All balance changes will be done on korean players opinions, cause they are few years before us in skill and game knowlage. So we can talking to the void ^^

The problem with sorc ithat they are so many it’s unplayble. The same like vs 2 supports. She is too popular that’s why need nerf. every second game i am playing vs 2 supports or 2 sorc. But SG doesn’t care for PvP. And the 20 grandmasters in Korea say it’s the most balance pvp out there. It’s hillarious.

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The issue is this game is not balanced around PvP and never will be - PvP players are forced to deal with absolute garbage-tier balance, and the worse part is that we know thing won’t even get better cuz it’s not the focus of the game.


Balance in this game is no bad, just look on gm list, there are all class. Ofc there is a little bit more paladins and dbs but it’s not a big issue. This is mmo it’s not chess where all have the same chances. Perfect balance is imposible. Nah… even in chess white is statistically better. Don’t espect alot from computer game with alot of content like LA. There is alot of others games with worse balance. Just play and enjoy :slight_smile: and if you think that other class are better, just reroll. There is no farm needed, if you want pvp so there is no problem.

That’s the problem. People making the meta classes and they are hundreds - sorc, deadblades,paladins, bard and i see many strikers.

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Yeah tbf shoulda specified im talking 1v1s as thats the only thing I play. Also sad that koreans are the ones whos opinions matter when it comes to PVP considering its unpopular there.

They really don’t need a nerf…

My recommendation to you. Play a sorcerer in PVP for 50 to 100 games, then go back to your main. You’ll never have an issue with a sorcerer again. They are actually on the lower end of the class balance spectrum imo.

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I actually think this game is super balanced with a couple outliers and one of the outliers just straight up broken

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There are all class but you can see which ones are the most played, main character doesn’t mean its really the main character of somebody…

On the ladders there are top 10 mainly Sorcerers, Berserkers and Deathblades. You have to check all servers it’s so blatantly populated by those 3 classes.

Shadowhunters are still present here too, but only from players using all kind of classes. I do not have issues with SHs und DBs, they have their + und - points but i struggle at soon a sorcerer shows on the battlefield, u can just do nothing more than be perma CCed…