Are sorc ever gonna get a nerf?

Problem is how to nerf Sorc in a way to not make it crap character.

no changement before saison 2… 6 month with unbalanced game, bad matchmaking, it’s too much for me, good bye and good luck.
No respect from the moderator, section PVP is dead zone, game is only for PVE.

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So It isnt only me that considers ARti x Sorc to be almost impossible to win vs?

Good so I am not the crazy one…

It takes 2 players to punish sorc and 2 players to punish arti, We need 4 man teams or 1 class that can be in 2 places at same time…

Anyone that truly thinks sorc needs a nerf, just doesn’t know how to play vs them lul.

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one sorc is not a problem but 2 is a huge. And there are thousands sorcs, it’s annoying how easy is and her kite. Sorc is the only subclass who counter almost half of the subclasses, how this fair?

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They quite literally got nerfed in the most recent balance patch a few weeks ago.

Nerfed in PvE igniter build, nothing on PvP.

There are way worse classes for pvp than sorc, try deathblade, destroyer, bard, gs

Deathblade yes, Destroyer just ignore him he is like gunlancers, bard is managable after the nerf, gs is the strongest but few people can play her right. The problem i have with sorc they are too many. Every game vs 2 sorc and when the third player is Pala, Arti or Berserk the game is gg. One sorc is not a problem.

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Exactly my feelings. Two sorcs on the enemy team just makes you want to uninstall because more often than not there’s no counterplay to so much zoning. The awful “matchmaking” is to blame.

What about cooldowns?

Mage hits more than a berk. CC more than anyone. And has movement skills same as martial artist.

How is this not call for at least longer CD or rise mana consumption.

Me as berserker after 2 full rotations I am sitting duck!

If you get the “luck” to fight against 3 mages you can just /lailai.

The class is overpowered for the type of arena and space you have to fight. They can Just sit in base and kill you with 1 HP and you can’t do nothing about it if your melee.

PvP environment is unbalanced so being “good” is not enough when the class is superior.


Gunslinger is more overpowered than sorc.

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Guns you need skill. With sorc you need skins.

Dunno, i don’t think sorceres is particularly overpowered. Super annoying to play against? Yes.

I have plenty of games where a bronze sorc shits all over me and it can be infuriating at times as they have so much tools to work with. They are a menace when it comes to peeling too, but besides that, they are deadweight when dealt with and a good martial artist will destroy them. I think it depends on what class you play and in what sort of comp you end up with, that’s the biggest problem with this game. It’s such a rock, papper, scissor situation that some comps will completely destroy you and it just creates a false sense of balance.

if they fix that damn teleport which seems to reduce the stand up CD by a lot and reduce some of her stagger it would be fair enough. the class has TOO MANY CC.
same goes for gunslinger, she has high skill ceiling but it has lots of stagger and mobility with a few nukes under her command.
those 2 classes and shields in general needs a huge nerf.
it comes to the point that if you have a paladin, a Artillerist and a Sorc/guns/deadeye/A, its pretty much done.
shields in general are very OP in this game in regards PVP. to the point to cause a huge imbalance.
it was supposed to provide a bit of defense and damage mitigation, not deny completely damage enough to kill 2 toons.

Today i decided again to play several matches. From 6 matches 4 of them vs 2 sorcs. I really start to hate the game because of this subclass. It’s unplayble vs 2 good sorc. I really hope in July balance patch in Korea they nerf this shit.

It is no longer necessary to nerf the destroyers, I evolved and now I am able to beat any bug in the game.

I’m a DB and played a good sorc last night in a couple matches. Couldn’t touch them as I couldn’t seem to bait skills out of them much and any attempts I made to get in close were countered or teleported away from.

Guaranteed sorc pvp main