Are T3 Abyssal Dungeon Chest worth it?

Hi! Are the bonus chest worth it? They cost like half the rewarded gold for normal.

if you’re planning to push ilvl of the character you ran with, yeah. It gives decent amount of mats worth well over what they charge you, (as compared to when you buy from AH)

All the materials you get from bonus rewards are bound

I personally don’t, no harm in taking time

normal no hard maybe if you like to gamble on AH

If you are in T3 and at or near 1370+, then imo worth it most times simply because unless you are the tiny minority of players with 1370+ main plus multiple 1370+ alts, greater leapstones have so few sources of aqusition.

Normally the gold cost of the him abyss chest is roughly equal or bit less than gold cost of just the greater leapstones. So basically you’re paying either near market value or bit less for the greater leapstones and getting rest of chest for free,

If you don’t need the greater leapstones, then I’d just take the gold.

It’s gambling, I always take the chest cause sometime you actually get nice gear to sell. You’re not going to get class specific stuff till hardmode at 1370 but I’ve gotten stuff that selling that one piece more than made up for every chest I bought and a bunch of couple hundred gold items

they need to get rid of the stupid af fee. never seen such a trash loot system in any game before. whole community is literally crying theres not enough gold in t3 and they still havnt fixed such a simple thing