Are the bots coming back?

The increasing number of online users. That says it all.
Fishing robots everywhere, novice players everywhere.
Just two days ago, I read about your firm attitude towards robots. I hope this time to continue to maintain such an effective ban.


LIterally just saw bunch of them riding Sturmbreacher going in a line just now

They never left.

If the numbers increase rapidly in just one day, those are bots plain and simple! Even a kid will notice it!


Of course they are coming back. They will ALWAYS come back.
AGS bans them then they create new accounts in 10 second and they will just come back.

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Yup some fishing spots are disgusting bot centipeds.

Till next ban/reset

The bots came back, the very next day…

The bots came back, you thought they were a gonner but the bots came back

They just wouldn’t stay away.

Just retired players trying the game again like me :slight_smile:

if you were making the same amount fo money from the game would a ban discourage you from making money?

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No not bots all the lost players are returning because of the community letter

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“Coming back” like they ever left.
You won’t get rid of bots from F2P game, that doesn’t even require any verification to download and play.

Also, let’s be honest/
Having EAC is like sending invitation for people to cheat the shit out of the game.

To be fair I actually have seen qutie a few new players on recently, it blew my mind too. But yes the bots are still around, it takes them a while to get back on after a reset so you will see the player count of real players typically between 50-70k rise thru the week to around 90k right before reset. Honestly it isn’t that bad considering a few months ago we legit had like 300k bots with the same amount of players.

Will it be easier for robots to create accounts when there are only 302 and 1340 stages in the future?
As far as I know, there have been people who have passed the trust of the game at a very low price.

For bots to come back nothing special is required. Remember that the Natural behaviour of the Game Server is to accept Client Connections.

It doesnt matter how many bot account are banned, the server will receive new game account again, because thats how is coded.

You can make this more complicated, but at the same time it will annoy the normal players as well ( remember these Auction House things?), so for now nothing can be done.

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You’re right, I think the 20 limit will always be there in the absence of AZ’s full control of the robot.

Literally jumped in extra 30-40k concurrent “players” in less than 48 hrs.
That should say it all

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There will be bots until people stop RMTing or they get banned before they generate enough “money” to be profitable, since this most likely won`t happen there will always be bots.

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