Are the CM's hiding or what?

Everything is literally on fire in the forums and the CM’s apparently have to put 100% of their workload into an official apology. How f****ng sad is your work…

Please just provide one or two of your Staff Members for the forums. I mean come on, the minecraft server from my little brother has a better community support than your team.

I can’t understand why every time after a mistake by you or whoever you all suddenly forget to communicate in detail with the players and being completly silence.


Yeah I was wondering about the same thing lol

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would you face forum as CM ? i don’t think so, when management suxx CMs can just wait things calm down, and then work again.

They do have mods still here that delete off topic stuff tho. the managers are probly having a meeting on the exciting compensation we’ll get which are just pretty much battle items and a 3-day aura

And say what?
“Yeah we got no clue what’s going to happen, what’s the compensation, we don’t know if pheons are getting removed or people are getting negative pheons. We also don’t know how much longer the maintenance is going to last because nobody is telling us s***. Typical day in the office, you know?”


said this before
if someone tells me AGS is ran by a team of 10 people, I would not be surprised
small indie company, unironically

I have a theory that the CM’s are letting things get out of control so that way they can just start deleting everything and when people start complaining about the censorship, they just defend their actions on curbing all the ‘spam’.

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It’s pretty comical how incompetent they are. It’s been 6 days and people are still losing raid rewards due to server instability.
This coupled with the Pheon Scandal is too funny to witness for a large company like them with as many resources as AGS has!!!
Now we just need a sexual harassment scandal to call them Blizzard


CMs busy figuring out what to do with all the pheons they took back

Probably “gag ordered” until servers are up.

Who wants to come into work on a Monday to be flogged by you lot? I sure wouldnt and would be doing my other “follow up activities” that seem to taking longer than expected and should be available again on Wednesday…or maybe next week

they are busy censoring the forums

They need all the hands they have onboard to delete the peons. No time to write on forums, bois!

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It cost 10 pheons to talk to a CM.


I have the feeling, they team contains 3 people. Thats it.

best answer of the day <3


Even indie companies aren’t as incompetent as AGS.


it’s funny all of this is happening and not a single CM replied to any of these threads. like bruh say something at least wtf

What exactly do you want them to say? “my bosses are idiots and I’m sorry”. They can’t write anything without an ok from above, probably approved by smilegate first.

It would be suicidal for any of the CM to show up now. I don’t blame them for sitting this one out