Are the CM's hiding or what?

If CM type anything, it is just adding fuel to the fire. There is nothing they can said that will help.

Best to let us burn down. It is what it is…very sad.

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Indies have passion and love for what they create. AGS bought the rights for Lost Ark because they saw it was popular and wanted the money from that popularity. They have no passion, only greed.

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Maselbart, a German CM kind of explained it.

He says that they basically have to sit down, talk about the situation, talk to SG and publish all the information for all regions at the same time. If a CM talks too early, things will get more complicated.

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Anything that needed to be said, has been said in the announcement section already, no need for CMs to chime in really.
At this point, I just want to know what the compensation package will be. I hope it’s pheons :slight_smile:

It’s gonna come in 2 days in the form of a full day of maintenance!

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itll be 10 peons, an item chest and 1 card pack.

at this point i dont even want any compensation anymore
i dont want that compensation to go wrong as well and then punish us a whole day out of it

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Can we get the game up at least?

Very true, at least they know what’s best for them.

That’s their job! Do you think a plumber wants to plumb first thing on Monday or an office worker replying to dozens of emails and looking at mindless spreadsheets when they go into work after the weekend? They don’t but it needs to be done. That is why they are getting paid ffs

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OMG u got 60 Pheons on Kadan. I guess we will have to extend mantaince until wednesday!

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they talk too early this would happen

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Typical day in the office made my day bro :rofl:

At this point, CMs dont have much self respect anyway to be working for such a shit company.

The worst part is, those Pheons would be great to fight against the inflation and even help newish player. But let the CMs be quiet.

CMs in monday morning.

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