Are the false bans from December going to be looked at?

Since it seems like the original thread (Banned for Cheating: Known Cheat Program Detected) has been marked for death by the mods, I have no choice but to start a new one. Hopefully someone actually sees this and can at least provide a simple yes / no answer.

Currently there is this

But what I want to know is, what about the innocent players that were caught in the December false bans? It was mentioned in the linked thread that AGS was given a list of accounts to unban. But it’s clear that EAC has hit rock bottom, and I would not put it past them to have missed a significant portion of false positives. It was then mentioned for players that were still caught in the false bans to post their account information and it will be reviewed case by case. Many of us have done that and have been asking for an update over the past month, but all we got is the silent treatment.

We are not even asking to “just unban me”, we are simply asking for the status of these “case by case” review. All we want to know is if we should keep our eyes peeled for an unbanned notification, or not waste anymore time and move on with our lives. But for whatever reason, AGS appears to not even have the decency to provide those of us that have sunk hundreds, thousands, of hours into this game some closure.



There has been no news for a month.

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The bots can not be blocked, accurate banning EXP players, and do not get any explanation, really fucking outrageous, and now a massive unexplained blocking, is he once a month? December unexplained banned players have not been waiting for follow-up news, now your game has been in the steam community full of bad reviews, any of your official forums have been mistakenly filled, please ask when can be resolved? When can you respond to players positively? What about compensation for innocent players? Already full of bad reviews

It is completely unfair to get a ban that was based on a completely automated process that is notorious known for false positives and have no way to prove your innocence. What’s worst, is that it shows up on your steam account, which affects your entire account negatively.


Banned on the 12 of December. Couldn’t play the game during the whole holidays season because they couldn’t identify their own EAC error.

Been playing the game since global release date and spent 100+ euros. Literally no reason to cheat. But still got banned anyways.

Customer support always answer you in 30 min with the same bs, and they even slap you with the “no further appeals will change the outcome” line after a few replies. Always asking for “more proof”. HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO PROOF YOUR SECURITY PROGRAM MADE AN OOPSIE. DO YOU WANT ME TO KNOW YOUR CODE AND PASTE IT TO YOU OR SOMETHING??? And ofc they end each message with a play fair copy pasta and how serious they take all the bans to keep “fairness”. Fair my ass. Been banned for a month+, lost all that progression, was kicked from 2 guilds, statics found replacement for me in all the raids.

And here I am. Don’t even know if i will even get unbanned. And don’t think there is a compensation that would make it “fair” in my situation.


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@Roxx , could you please give us any update?

See at this point, even if I’m unbanned, I’m certainly not going to be playing anymore. I am only trying to get the false ban lifted because of how it impacts my entire steam account.

Got banned for cheat software 5 days ago. Also wondering this… I was an extremely active player

So they are saying it’s been resolved

But what about the December ones? CAN WE GET A RESPONSE!? All we are looking for is some information. Information that isn’t critical to anything but us!

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Why did I get a response in January but not in December? @Roxx

Treating players differently?

The real players who were banned in December should get the response they deserve, this is not too much to ask, there are serious problems with your EAC and the December players have been ignored for a long time, please give us a positive response, even if it is impossible to unblock them, please don’t be a shrinking violet @Roxx

they replied to other topics but avoiding this like the plague

I was permanently banned last week for a “Known Cheat Program”. I have no prior offenses on my account; EAC must have picked up some software on my computer and triggered an automatic ban. I’ve never cheated in any game and never had any intention to start doing so. I’ve only missed a day or two on Lost Ark since release and have nearly 5000 hours logged on Steam, thousands of USD spent on RC, and 17 characters (8 of which were 1490+ ilevel). Not to mention I’ve grinded hundreds of hours of inferno content. I’ve submitted several appeals with any details I can provide, but have stopped receiving replies after a dozen or so copies of the same automated message. I’m hoping posting here will help but I think it might be time to give up.

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It does not matter, I go directly to the post where the administrator to find him on the line, a person who has not done anything wrong is not afraid of any positive game

Ya, I have no idea why they can’t just tell us a simple yes or no to a question that doesn’t even touch on anything sensitive. Or is there something that I’m missing where it’d reveal something so critical that AGS decides to just ghost us.

Also they didn’t even so much as say a single “sorry” for the January debacle. Honestly I’m quite flabbergasted by all this.

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This topic will close 7 days after the last reply. ???
Hey,guys What are they running from? Why are they so afraid???
It’s crazy.