Are the false bans from December going to be looked at?

Maybe we should look for a Steam agent for help on this.

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Bro, how to get help through steam channel?

I have also been using my partner’s game account to play, and my same computer is also playing the Russian service, and Korean service, the fact that you say I cheat is simply unreasonable, because only my account was banned for no reason, and my partner’s steam account of the lost ark was not banned, so that my computer does not have any problems, and other regional server account I won’t stop complaining because I’m a real player with 2000 hours who didn’t cheat at all, and there are a lot of people who were banned for no reason on December 10-12 in the same situation as me, and you don’t even check, which is really problematic! @Roxx

posting to keep this thread alive for use as evidence.

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