Are there any future plans to rework/adjust WD FI

Hey guys,

just wanna know if there are any Korean future plans for this class engraving.
Because IMO its in mostly all aspects bad compared to all other classes.

Personally I would want these changes:

  1. Combined WW and ROC into one skill.
  2. Better animations
  3. Make blast formation and wind god work like sorc time arrow. In that once they are launched, being knocked back doesn’t cancel the rest of the skill.

Good suggestion to combine WW and ROC… it is a bit of a pain to have to pop off two separate buffs before being able to dps when dps windows are brief and often involve the boss being untargetable and/or surrounded by AoE dmg prior to them. It also means two whole skills used purely to buff, so fewer dps/utility skills/options.

Another suggestion would be for Energy Combustion’s ending explosion to be manually triggered (by pressing the skill key again, or something like that)… as it is currently, it blows up about 20 secs after being initiated, so whether it can be landed on the boss at that time is largely RNG. Manual triggering, with dmg scaling the longer it isn’t triggered, would make its use more skill-orientated. I often take dmg because I don’t want to waste the explosion… though its range is so short, it’s often wasted anyway if pushed at all.

Yes, the animations could do with improving too, though cosmetic is always secondary to me.