Are there any plans for account transfers?

I’m well aware that account transfers are not currently built into the game. However, I’m stuck in an awkward situation. I was initially on EU Central, but because of the whole queue situation me and my friends agreed to switch over to EUW when it became available. Sadly, most of them didn’t really continue to play the game as much while others were stubborn and stayed in central despite of the queues.

So, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on this game on a server where I have worse ping, and there’s much less population of players to do world events. I’m reluctant to simply start over once again on central, essentially throwing all of that time and effort away. I’m not trying to be entitled and demand for account transfers when I know it is not possible at the moment. I simply want a clear answer whether this feature is being worked on or if there are any plans to work on it in the future. If not, I’m more than willing to weigh my options and bite the bullet to go back to central.

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