Are there no more legendary skins with the removal of yoz's jar?

No way to get em now?


Yoz’s Jar and the Legendary Skins will not be available in the June Update. We don’t currently have a new path forward for making the skins available. We would like to revisit this and do so if possible, but that is something that has not been decided on at this time.


Damn :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sigh… just add them for a flat amount in the shop. The gambling part was the negative about Yoz, not the outfits themselves.


Why not reduce the cost, increase the chance, make it purely available through ingame currency?

But no, cool skins are not allowed in NA/EU


People relax, it will eventually come in a more healthy way in the future. They can’t say how or when because they haven’t figured out how they will introduce them yet.

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You all cried and won.

We wont see the skins till 2023 now if were lucky.


Can’t we just buy the skins for a flat price and have them bound or something? That’d eliminate them being put up for large amounts in the AH. :frowning:

Thank God. I’m so happy the jar got removed.

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So the next real question would be to calm down the community, are we getting them somewhere else in the future or are they completly gone? You should give this answer soon so people know it.

Please make the legendary skins in store available in the June update, I have been waiting for the skins with so much expectation since early June :pensive: you may just remove the stats but I really want the skin for my sorc

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christ, i’ve been waiting on legendary skins since launch, now not only did you pull the plug on them, you (not you Roxx, the team) has no plans of how to implement them? i gotta say i’m pretty damn disappointed.

i don’t really care what messed up “pricing delivery system” AGS uses to make us spend more money, at least don’t change how they function in Korea. the stat increase is minimal, but if you remove that we’re officially playing a nerfed version of the game compared to KR…

You lost a paying customer for F2P players. I quit!


With the absolute greatest respect, WHY would you remove them from the game completely!? If you’re going to get rid of Yoz Jar then you need to provide an alternate solution for getting these legendary skins in game. Put them on the shop at a higher price. Problem solved. Do NOT remove them.

I just cannot believe the decisions you guys are making at times. It is so baffling. No one is going to thank you for removing things from our version of the game. Haven’t AGS/SG learnt this already? We want everything the other versions of the game have.


I’ll wait and see what happens but the most worrying part about that post is “if possible”.

Removing them and not providing an alternative is pretty bad by Amazon. Now it’s in the air and nobody knows when or if they’ll come.

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I’m pretty much assuming we just won’t get them.

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It was already concerning that they went straight to Legendary 2 skins and skipped over the first set completely. I feel the precedent is well and truly set now. They will just cull things from our version if it doesn’t suit them.

There goes one of the only nice sharpshooter bows ive seen in this game :frowning:

I think you mean if it doesn’t suit the whining community.

Well they did this because sorc didn’t have a legendary skin in the first one. Remember they said they wanted to release skins all classes have.