Are these honing rates part of the "catch up with KR" plan?

Officially you have stated that the plan is to catch up with Korea, which is getting T4, btw.

So why do you keep the absurdly low honing rates that were designed several years ago as soft cap to keep people from ever reaching the very end of the endgame where the content had still not been created (so there was nothing to play)? Now there is enough content to remove this absurd soft cap and stupid slot machine. Release the KR content. Remove the 1340-1370 soft cap. Do it already. Save the game. Please.


They are handing out a lot of materials from events already.

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I don’t think KR is getting T4 anytime soon. We should be caught up in content by the end of the year.

Yes, I think we should at least get the better 1340-1370 rates as this caused a lot of people to quit in KR when they had more sources of mats and gold. I’m thinking we will see the honing rate adjustment when Valtan is released.


Their making money from the honing rates, get 80% ot the player base to quit watch them buff honing rates release all new classes and unlock all raids and skins. Js


They aren’t going to let you skip straight to hard mode Valtan in under a week. You guys whining about honing in a version with basically no endgame content can stop now.

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T4 is not currently planned AT ALL

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There is no T4 in korea hahaha

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People are somehow legitimately stuck below 1370? If you have been playing since launch and haven’t completely ignored verticle content I don’t know how.

Even when I inspect random people in punika I see maybe one person below 1370 for every 15 or so above.

my alts are 1370 nowaday


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There is better rates with valtan

Yup there isnt t4 in Korea yet

The forums are full of “Take it at your own pace, why rush” people who will soon be posting rage threads about not having access to Valtan.


This thread is a prime example of people wanting this game tailored specifically to them. We are getting content FASTER then the other regions and will probably be caught up by end of year. The honing rates did not change for other regions before the legion commander after valtan. Relax man… play the game it was made and enjoy

yea that’s right but i would not mistake generous with damage control after forum outburst at argos release

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I doubt KR will see T4 before 2023.

Hardly enough for a few honing attempts. Don’t make it sound as if the materials they give us are some kind of a miracle. Also they’re roster-wide so if you have multiple chars in the same tier good luck choosing which one gets those two-three extra hones.

The one thing that does kill me about the 1340-1370 dead zone grind is the lack of desire I have to push my alts past it now.

I have 3 alts at 1340 and my main is stockpiling resources at 1385 for now. I’d love to take a few more alts up to 1370 but it’s just such a pain in the ass i’d rather wait and see if the future holds any changes that makes it suck less.

So while i’m not against the honing rates or the dead zone grind, it does suck even with the research bonus at 1385 to do it multiple times.


This reads like one of the comments that people think are just joking around, and then later realize it was exactly what happened…

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