Are these honing rates part of the "catch up with KR" plan?

Are these honing rates part of the “catch up with KR” plan?

The plan isn’t to catchup to KR, the plan is to drip feed to min/max and optimize 2018-2021 content so it lasts until 2023. And then from 2023-2024 we will get the 2021-2022 content.

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Thats not even remotely what happened, but go off talking about something you havent experienced.

Valtan isnt when they buffed honing homie.

That would accord with the initial plans and most (not all) of the behavior we have observed so far.

I think whoever did the analysis and projections to reach that conclusion was working with a deeply erroneous model, like the difference between white room calculations and reality.

But it’s not in our hands or upon our heads.

The massive amount of people complaining about how Argos moved the goalposts gave AGS and SGR the green light to slow the drip to a halt.

So, is it your posit that this was intentional? That Argos was deliberately dropped the way it was to ‘justify’ the drip feeding pace?

Because honestly? I can kind of see that angle.

Didnt realize monthly content is considered slow drip. Man, this logic.

Original Plan
April - South Vern and Valtan Normal and Hard Mode
May - Vykas Normal and Hard Mode, Helltan - One class
June - Kukou Normal and Hard Mode, Hellkiss

April - One Class
May - South Vern and Valtan Normal and Hard Mode and Another Class
June - Another class


They’ve commented on June have they? Wasn’t aware of that.


Fair enough.

They said a class each month. Although we don’t know which one it is.

CoNtEnT tO fAsT

I don’t see the enough content. I agree that content should come out. Once Valtan, Vykas, and Kakul Saydon comes out then maybe there enough content for the honing patch.

If i’m not wrong or one of the big streamer said a “fake news”, Gold River (game director) said that he don’t want the player start from the zero again with tier 4, so i don’t think he will make a tier 4, the max he can do it a special tier that works different than t1 to t3.
Imagine having ancient gear with 33333 engravings and then go to blue gear in t4 with 33 or 333 engravings… it will be a pain in the ass, that is why i said a special tier that works different because i don’t like the idea to go back to blue gear with 33 or 333 engravins.

Yep. The honing rates don’t make it feel like catching up at all. I am currently stuck in dead zone, interesting decision to keep it in-game for the west, collecting rested bonus while playing Cat Cafe Manager, because my motivation to grind till artisan energy reached zero. Still wanna try the Glacier class somewhat, but just thinking it will again get inside of the dead zone… ouch it aint looking enjoyable.

The honing increase from the start would have been great and would have made sense with the rate at which they were planning on pushing out content but that isn’t the case anymore. They pushed back those raids and provided increases in honing rates via the events. It’s a bit slower but it also prevented outrage that might have resulted if they increased them quickly after some had already paid.