Are they going to remove Una Gold and replace it with silver?

They developed Paragon Token, which is exclusive to our version of the game, you can find it in your storage, content tab, exchange materials, next to Una’s Token.

This is the latest official answer from the CM regarding Una’s Tokens:

and this is the Paragon Token:


Personally, I believe they are monitoring the RMT and the gold inflation situation and this change might arrive in the future. Else, why develop it?

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“Can be exchanged for SILVER through City GOLD Merchant.” :rofl:


Don’t touch my Una gold thank you


They might do it
just ruin their own game
chinese cheaters are running tha game, amazon has enough money to make these people disappear and never be seen again
but they choose to ruin the game instead


^Hard agree. I’m a minimum wage worker. Please don’t take away my UNA gold


I wonder if they completly remove Una Gold or that you will earn Paragon Token until you reach a certain ilv and honing until that ilv doesn’t cost gold anymore.

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Kinda crazily stupid if they mess with Una’s gold. For some people, that’s their main source of income.
If they want to change it, just change the gold reward to pheon instead.


as a player who have 5 1460 alt and 1500 main that wont affect me or the players like me maybe silver is actaully better for us but for the player who has been playing for a month or dont play alts that will be a big issue for him cuz if he is 1475 he can earn 13500 gold (raids) only while a single grudge book these days is 18k gold so lets hope they wont do it


considering that we can’t trust what they say when it comes to things that they say they won’t change i have a bad feeling about this…


They have to find a way to Hit Bots and not Impact the Normal Player, Rapport Gold is a good Example, yes people Complain, but in the grand Scheme thats minuscale amounts of Gold for the Normal player, but for Bots its a good source easy-ish accessible and repeatable by creating New Accounts.

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Don’t touch my Una gold plz!


oh boy, we really the only ones with this one in our game according to codex. oof.

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Legit players will always take the fall because of bots and RMTers, AGS does not know how to handle these situations and they have shown it over and over

I wouldnt be surprised if they remove una gold, it would just make the game harder to get into and increase gatekeeping and ruin the new player experience even more than it already has been

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The thing is, everything they did to “combat” bots since the beginning harmed the players while bots are still there doing their thing. They can’t and won’t win against bots by making changes like that, what’s going to happen is that changes after changes they’ll lose more and more legit players and then when the game will be almost empty RMTers will not see a point to buying gold to impress others with their big +25 weapons so they’ll stop and bots won’t be profitable anymore but the game will be dead by then.


Yeah so much this. :+1:

and this :+1:

Instead of “Removing common methods for bots to make gold " should be renamed to " Removing methods legit players make gold”

Yes people will say you can make gold from raids. But for a F2P player , first need to make some gold to gear up properly to be accepted in the raids to begin with . Or even gold to buy the busses . And then hope for some decent drop to sell for more gold.

If they going to remove the UNA gold , next thing they will touch will be the trade skills or the Chaos gate rewards.


Playing as a new player on this version is way worse than the others. And Lost Ark KR/RU is newbie unfriendly enough, they managed to make it worse here


next is argos gold?

argos bots


oh lord, the bots know the game system better than the publishers and the publishers are too scared to take hard measures to remove bots. I will pray for you guys.
They really should have first looked into player verifications at the start of their account creation and then move to all the gold removal they’re doing now.

How can thousands of bots create accounts to RMT and you’re looking at how they get in-game gold to sell rather than how did they get in the game in the first place? Is there really no way to stop or slow down the entrance before effect? cause if not all their doing is fighting a losing fight If the bots have backdoor access to the game.

The game needs some integrity checks like KR with their phone verification but that’s easier said than done, and still then it won’t make them disappear but it will slow them down in a way that doesn’t affect the player base that much.

Yep, zero trust after the Pheon Incident.