Are they going to remove Una Gold and replace it with silver?

next thing u know they nerf vykas and valtan to the ground so new players can make gold somehow xD

i too like saying amazon has the money to make them disappear for good without knowing anything

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Ironically, it only takes 1302 to get the full 1040una. But you’ll see, now that you can easily reach 1415, why not raise the bar for getting a UNA?

And after that they will remove and that gold , because bots will start farm it too, since it will be easy. Never ending loop . :unamused:

No they’re remove gold and replace it when Pheon.

Then delete the Pheon.

Instead of removing the gold from UNA they can ilvl lock the gold chests we buy at 1415 , and for the low ilvl to put a shop , to exchange the una tokens for with chance for Legendary engravings / Silver / Honing materials etc.

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remove the chance and lock the gold. If it’s behind a chance good luck to low ilvl progression with the una token being a big part of low ilvl gold income till they can do argos, legion etc.

if these turds remove gold from una’s i will 100% quit…delete my chars, and give my garbage away.
and yeah ill stream it.

they nerf, nerf, nerf many many things and wash down events through the ass…to ‘‘combat’’ RMT/BOTs, news flash, your shit isn’t working…your just choking the legit players and screwing the new player experience over…GJ

its just a excuse for them to do this and that for the benefit of themselves NOTHING more.

but yes, if they remove the gold from una’s yeah, i can say im 10000% nopping out not looking back. i have had my fun and time ill take what i got, now its just becoming a clownfest more and more each week


So, raising the una acquisition standard is the most effective way, after all, any player can easily reach 1370 or 1415 or more, but the current standard is still 1302

Is that without any stronghold buff to get to ilvl 1370 ?

Why pheon? Can you turn pheon back to gold? What if a person is not in need of pheon but need gold for other stuff?


Why are you all acting like una gold is such a big income? Thats only 3-4k gold a week, you get more from 1 raid.

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If they do that “Paragon Token” that’s locked behind a guild where you’re forced to join a guild and reach 100% guild contribution before the end of the week. Good Fking luck that will not end well, as players will be forced to join guilds even players that play solo and like playing solo to progress, and with all the guild restrictions others have GOD!

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Because I remember playing as a new player and that was my big income and what I looked forward to as my way of gold. Once you’ve passed the need for Una token you don’t really care for it but you have to have passed the need to not really care for it first.


its okay 24/7 andys like them will never understand why removing the una’s gold is bad…they are already set with 18+ chars and playing in their ma’s basement of course you’d think they wouldn’t understand don’t waste your breath


How is a software so deeply rooted in the game code capable of farming complex dungeon mechanics not being detected by devs or EAC??? This is fking ridiculous

This change is 100% coming soon. It’s been requested, developed, and implemented in-game.

They even started using terms like “heavy spenders” cough cough “core players” are past reliant on these methods to acquire gold.


I’m so glad I left the game then. With how hard it is to find and do T1-T2 abyssal dungeons for gold. Good luck to any new player looking to join Lost Ark EU/NA.


I don’t think you have to join a guild. Adventurer Guild is not a guild you actively join and make contributions. It’s likely just what you’re doing now with the Una guild. (Remember they introduced there were 3 guilds to get task from when you first unlocked Una Tasks at Vern? And regardless of your choice, you got Una Tasks anyways.)

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Well I mean it’s not like them saying they won’t do something and then doing it anyways would be something new

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