Are things better since March?

Just checking to see if they’ve improved things at all.

Biggest gripes were Bots, Toxicity, Lack Of Content (cosmetic and gameplay), and the horrid honing/gearing system.

I fully expected to put a small fortune into this game, until I hit the gearing sections, am ok with accepting this is just one of those games spending money isn’t sensible, but have they made it fun at all?

Or is gearing still like that weird trend of low class exploitation by making people suffer so they spend money out of the manufactured frustration vs encouraging them to have fun in a game & be rewarded with support by happy customers?

it’s the same, but with legion raids.


Lmao, that’s discouraging but thank you for being honest.

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bots - gone
toxicity - always there
lack of content - cosmetic yes, gameplay no
honing system - 1460 stronghold buff to your alts 1370-1415

last paragraph, true


heyy, ive been checking out the game to see if things got better and ill be real with you. AGS/SGR has done a few positive things in the right direction, HOWEVER they are continually digging a whole they cant get out of. if u want to play the game, and a class u want to play is already out, go ahead. play it for what it is but dont spend any money


Thank you, I will say though about toxicity this is the only game I’ve encountered it at such a high rate. Like don’t just accept it :joy:

I don’t deal with barely if any in Guild Wars, Swtor, Diablo Immortal, Warframe, and so many others off the top of my head.

Every individual has their own experience sure, but I’ve never encountered this in an MMO environment personally. (I didn’t play WoW)

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toxicity comes from wow players, they’re here in this game
once dragonflight comes out at the end of this year they’ll be gone and game will be much cleaner
wow players are the most toxic players i’ve ever seen unlike any other game
when they migrated to ffxiv they did the same
now they’re here
they’ll be gone soon

? lost ark has the most consumer friendly honing and gearing system in the last 2 decades of mmos

Yeah, I loved the classes and combat tbh. Really enjoyed the story pacing and questing system, it was literally just the brickwall once you get stuck in the tier 1, tier 2 crap and then there’s all this time gated grind stuff you’d expect from mobile titles.

But same song n dance everyones heard before there I’m sure.

Still it makes you wonder why they gain progress in one area but can’t seem to move in a big picture towards a better product.

Least they dealt with the bots!

That’s like saying a casino has the loosest slots.

Bots are still here just a lot less, annoying catchpa added against bots but its also a pain for real players, toxicity hell ye, content well u got legion raids so like 4 hours a week or smth of fun

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Simple answer… no. Longer answer… worse!

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some casinos are better than others yes. its an mmo not an equalized AAA title

Bots are better (alot) and I think they will continue to get better with the new measures brought in
Toxicity is hard to tell I run into so infrequently but that may be because I do alot with my guild

Lack of content if you hate daily and weekly tasks your always going to hate this game

Skins F knows whats going on there but its terrible they bring out worse and worse skins during the time of year when usual in other regions some of the best come out (I think a prude is running AGS)

Honing system is the same and always will be. Have alts play lots or pay out the choice is yours but tbh It sounds like you don’t enjoy must the game if so I would just let it be rather then hoping you can change it :wink:

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I’m just against manipulating and exploiting people in all forms. I don’t hate some people like grindy gear systems, thats fine. Offputting to a lot but can respect that you’re a fan.

I liked a lot of parts of the game, but you’re probably ultimately right if the honing system is central to it.

Its odd that one thing makes such a huge difference. Only came across that style once before and it was a game that changed to it and I left accordingly.

Not ashamed to say I was hoping the reverse would happen here :joy:

Alas forever lost :skull:

The whole point is to get Artisans energy to 100% to get the +1.
If you manage to tap +1 before that its just the cherry on top.

Don’t put ANY more towards this game. Trust me, best advice I could give you. I’ve put around 500 bucks… Regret EVERY penny. I hate the company, you will too, just give it time.

Toxicity comes from a playerbase disgusted about how the game is managed in general either be FF, WoW, or any other game.
Well managed game = playerbase happy
Bad managed game = playerbase toxic
It is quite simple

And yes

no toxic is toxic at home, at school, with family, with friends, in game, out of game
treating others has nothing to do with a well managed game