Are u in 10K queue now?

come on speak out freely.


I’m behind 6k real player


Is Amazon really trying to talk us out of the game

Leave server space to the bots

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Queues are slowly starting in EU too. Its just a matter of time and people will quit because of that


I wonder if SG has the right to cancel Amazon’s operations


Been AFK in game for hours cuz I don’t wanna go back in the que haha sucks to suck thanks AGS

Looks like you’re all in the game. No time to complain.someone else in queue?

I was in a 3k queue when I logged in earlier. I was observing all the bots stuck in place warping back and fourth as I was leveling a new character. Was wondering about all the people in queue as I watched at least 50 spaz bots stuck at a triport. What a great job AGS is doing with this game.

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yes.really good job.Help us kick the game addiction

8k now on enviska…wtf is going on?

Figured I’d come back later when there was a 6800 queue a few hours ago…

8k on naw roehendel

US West 10pm and a faking 10k que and it was 12k this morning wtf bruh.

I’m on the akkan server on China East (what I call us west now since AGS and SG are incompetent) saw a 6k queue and noped out. I wish I could get away with being as bad at my job as whoever “handles” bots over there and get away with it. The fact that ther servers aren’t locked is evidence enough to me that SG is using inflated bot numbers for marketing purposes.


When people ask me what I did to get all those steam hours in other mmos? Grind, farm, level.
In LostArk? Queue.



7 hours later and now a 9000 queue on Enviska.

GG Amazon and SmileGate.

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most already quited for other reasons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Most of my friends still play, but we’re rather casual. That being said, ridiculous queues like this will push my group away because our play time is limited.

So far Amazon and SmileGate have been able to do nothing to combat bots. Its sad. They won’t pay some admins $15 an hour to patrol the servers because they’d rather ruin the game.

its not that easy :slight_smile:
for now bots are really visible cause no one fight them, if they start doing it making base of nicks to use for bots is couple mins of work :wink:
Randomizing a bit their path is not that hard to :wink:
To big money to let it go easly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

beside that yea they are not doing to good in this battle, skynet is near :wink: