Are we allowed to scam bots that buy Argos busses?

Is this your first mmo? There are bots and there are also multiboxers. They are not the same. A multiboxer can choose to bot the same way a normal player does.

I agree multiboxers are more likely to bot and sell gold, just like whales are more likely to buy RMT. Does it mean they all do? No. Should you still be prejudiced against them? Absolutely. Whales and multiboxers only care about their own gains and could care less about the game.

Mental gymnastics: Inventive, complex arguments used to justify what is otherwise unjustifiable.

If you feel entitled to cheat I am entitled to leave the bus that you paid for. Nothing inventive or complex or unjustifiable about it but sure.

multiboxing isn’t cheating or botting and has been approved for use in countless games

labeling anything you want to scam as a bot to justify yourself in scamming them is in fact mental gymnastics. l think the average pug is borderline a cripple and plays like a bot but that doesn’t give me the green light to start scamming everyone l encounter

Multiboxing is cheating. The CMs have stated it clearly, multiple times.


Have you even read that thread? The CM clearly says it is not allowed:

theres one singular CM response in that thread that said its fine. try again

Idiots have been aiming their bot/whale frustration toward multiboxers for two decades.

Truth is, the problem entirely caused by whales trying to save USD. Any anger at multiboxers is simple redirection. If whales paid the actual price players demand for gold there would be minimal botting, multiboxing, exploiting and every other action that stems from the RMT black market.

All of this anger needs to be aimed at who deserves it. Any player who is willing to spend any USD on progression. If we get rid of the despicable whales the rest of these parasites die.

Azanaa was a CM and she clearly said NO multiple times.

guess who isn’t a CM anymore. this was also around the time we had a lot of restrictions on shit like char creation and locked out servers to filter new people elsewhere. sounds more like AGS worthless damage control than something they actually considered cheating

and they’ve gone back on their stance for funneling mats between alt accounts multiple times over the past few months as well. the question isn’t even multiboxing and the “higher ups” didn’t want people funneling in that context


Guys please everyone go and scam those multiboxers, Lets all do that, lets fuck them and the bots !!! i already made like 80k doing this uwu

Ez gold and you help the community

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Whoever started this trend is a f**ng ba****d
I’ve had few co-drivers ditching real players in argos now
just took the gold and DC never came back
I either have to refund and lose double tax or get a friend to help which they lose profit

Scam every single botter thats how we will fight the bots-

I think you need to stop with this semantic before people start to scam actual players. There are bots sure, but allowing scam to happen to a bus is not a very good thing.

This is no different from selling a bus to real players. Sure they are accounts controlled by bot farms, but that’s in no way different from a players that have multiple 1370s and buying bus constantly because he/she doesn’t like to do higher raid for gold.

I mentioned in another thread that whatever AGS/SG is doing is just not good. You forced the bot into 1370 argos and what’s next? Nerf the gold so new players will once again eat the entire cost? This need to be fully stopped and instead we should voice concern over some other measures instead.

The community itself is starting to condom scamming behaviors and that’s not very good for the game.

Edit: I think they should vote to ban you for trying to scam people of 80,000 gold, bots or not that you have 0 clue and based on names assumption alone.

It is totally a good thing, it’s not so hard to identify who is a botter and who isn’t lmao, don’t act like they are not different


You can try it lmao, i dont give a single F about botters or multiboxers, they are literally killing this game.
Ill keep doing this every single day, if they ban my alt account ill make one more and keep doing it.

This is what bot and multibox enjoyers deserve.

Imagine doing the mental gymnastics to try to make it seems like its hard to differentiate a bot from a real player lmaoooo

Collateral damage :neutral_face:

it’s already too late
some ppl don’t give a fk they see ppl scamming and they do the same
typical kid thing they just learn from what they observe

in general scamming is a bad thing, lead to chaos and distrust
like i said above, ppl already scamming real players in argos and they just say they think those r bots they can get away with it.