Are we ever getting the missing guild activities ? In a game that has little to none MMO elements this is essential . Why is it taking so long?

Basically title . Why isn’t anyone asking for this ? Guild bosses ? Guild PVP ? Where are they ?

Guild pvp is very p2w, i’m gonna asume that sg is reworking it.

People might dislike ags but they cannot deny that they indeed are trying to be less p2w than the other versions.

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seriously ? why is that ??

It’s not scaled like in arena pvp.

Korea purposely recruited whales to abuse this.

wow, the whales and rmt-ers gonna win easily for sure with their 1590 gear.

Yes, there are gvg island that p2w people can easily destroy other guilds but there’s also the one that SCALE like in the arena so you aren’t totally forced to go to the one that aren’t scale balaced.

Well it’s already too late, it’s completely abandoned in korea.

But that’s korea not global??

Btw has anyone seen fishing as a weekly task like ever because i havent :thinking: i have basically every week same things to choose from

Another worth mentioning is that there’s also island that you can go in and race for fastest kill time on the boss, so gvg isn’t all about “PVP” stuff in this game

Pay to win aside , these are guild activities that as of now are non-existant . Every decent MMO has Guild activities and imo are essential especially in a game that has little to none social elements . If anything they would be extra activities that break the daily routine . I would rather have guild pvp activities even if they are pay to win than to have nothing at all .

I think it is too late.
Atm. guilds are equivalent to personal roster. I can not see people leaving their own already leveled up guilds to join brand new ones to play p2w gvg.

So the solution is to skip an entire game feature that exists in every other version of the game just because people have settled with their guilds ?

I get it as a guild weekly on occasion. Never seen it as a UNA weekly, only get the Essence collection on UNA.