Are we ever going to re-visit server merges?

I really don’t think NA East needs to have 15 different servers at this point in the games life cycle, as far as I can tell KR has 8 Servers and probably more than 10x the amount of players and thats just comparing one region which I admit may be one of the more extreme cases, however it is one I’m apart of, the number of servers on any given region could be reduced drastically for a much greater experience considering this game is supposed to be an MMORPG.

Splitting up a dwindling player base between this many different servers is starting to have actual effects on any world content players would like to do such as World boss, Chaos gate, Ghost Ship, Guilds, GVG, Islands etc.

I’m sure other regions are experiencing a lot of the same or other issues I’m only mentioning NA East out of my personal experience.

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we have bots
some servers especially NAE reserved for bots

I just want server transfers tbh, I went to NAW for friends who all quit and would love to go to NAE :frowning:

I also wish for server mergers but I dont think its happening soon.

All server specific content on Danube has only been impossible to complete since july 2022 just 8+ months of population so low you cant do sailing events or world bosses or islands. the racing event doesnt even get enough players to have a winning team

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