Are we ever going to see reasonable Gold prices for blue crystals?

On NAW Bergstrom, currently seeing 3.4k gold per 95 blue crystals. I’m not too knowledgeable in econimics but are we ever going to see the price going down? Its getting hard to be a free-ish / paying for RC just to keep up with the game.

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In the event that your credit card is not sufficient to spend legally because of bots, unfortunately, you will either quit the game or have to break the rules. you have no other choice. bad but true. There’s no way people who don’t come from really rich or wealthy parents at the moment can adapt to the economy that these bots and RMTS are currently driving. The reason why the prices are so high is the reasons for directing to 3 party sites. As I said, if your credit card is insufficient, you should cheat. You are not the culprit, on the contrary, those who force you to cheat are guilty.

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Just a factor of less people playing the game so less people buying RC and trading it for gold. It’s not likely to go down that much unless they add content and make changes to bring people back to the game. Not likely though. The legion raid content just gets more difficult and doesn’t bring many back.

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There is a small chance that it can go down when Brelshaza hard comes out in 2023… whales will push into +25 ancient gear that has less than 1% success rates but until then most likely not.

That really sucks big time. Thanks for the comments guys. Appreciate it.

The biggest issue with BC prices is most people buying BC don’t realize you can change the price of what you want to pay

Most people buying gold realize this so they set their purchase price a bit higher to get more for their money

What’s supposed to happen is people are supposed to step in when buying BC and say “that guy is charging too much” and keep their price the same to keep things stable, seems like this is how things run in KR relative to their gold earnings

If there’s a stalemate, someone has to give and more often than not it should be the gold buyers

However when people just buy the BC without thinking, it defaults to the lowest offer someone wants to gold, which since we have a steady amount of people buying gold, will only go up and up

Plus also the fact that, y’know, people are still RMTing and buying whatever BC for whatever amounts because lolgold I buy what I want because it’s so cheap

Server needs to work together to keep the prices reasonable, not one side taking advantage while the other is lazy and wants their BC for pheons now

SA is unfortunately the prime example of what happens when the balance is so one sided that the other side cannot help but to go along with it