Are we genuinely not getting any clarification at all today?

This is going to spin out of control overnight if management don’t do something here and let you actually talk to us @Roxx .

What do you want her to share ? She clearly said she doesn’t have anything to share at this time. Just be patient, I know that’s difficult but give it a try !


Your name and your reply is very compatible.

Best not to expect anything anymore. Do your dailies, do your weekly lock outs and move on. The less you expect the more you wont be disappointed by

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That is actually not at all what she said. She made a cryptic statement that actually appears to contain some of the most candid communication we’ve had since release.

The reality is that this is not helpful to anyone, not the players and not AGS.

What if she lied to us at the beginning. The devs are planning for 30th and Roxx said mid-June just based on her assumption. Did you see anything about mid-June in the roadmap?

I think that not matter what they say now, people are going to be very upset. Something they’ve likely also taken into consideration and are still deciding how to proceed.

For those of you stressing out about the lack of any information on the update; please just go play something else for a bit, or at least get off the forums. You’re not doing yourself any favors at this point.

They’ll tell us information when they’re ready.


Why do any of you worry this much about a video game to let it stress you out? Its not that big of a deal. Who cares what the hold up is, it will get fixed sooner or later and if it doesnt no big deal.

It’s less about the players themselves “stressing” and much more about applying pressure to AGS/SGR.

Many of us have spent a significant amount of money on this game, and the only thing these companies understand is money and image.

They aren’t some poor downtrodden children having a tough day, these are multi-million dollar multinational corporations who can afford to properly support their games.

If you do not respond negatively to poor production quality it will never change. If you want to go with premium monetization in your game, it needs to be paired with premium support.

It’s always Wednesday night tho

The May patch saw a loose date weeks before release, with a full patch announcement the week before it dropped.

Roxx has specifically commented on the degree to which communication has been lacking with regard to the June patch.

It’s clear even AGS agrees that the lead up to the June patch has not been adequate, and has not matched the quality of the last patch or even the April patch.

The fact that shes “blocked” is pretty concerning cause it has diff meanings in this scenario and we dont know for sure what is the correct one, one thing for sure tho, all those meanings are actually bad news.

Can we just chill and wait for them to do an announcement? there is no point on keep going with the same topic, at this point we know we aren’t getting any update this week.


Funnily enough me and my friends are way past that point, we just don’t care anymore. To be fair i never expected it to be ready this week, given that time and time again it has been shown that their word means absolutely nothing.


No, this is useless and achieves nothing.

Again this isn’t your friend, or some beaten dog - this is a multi-million dollar multi-national corporation that had absolutely no problem taking on the challenge of publishing this game when it meant they would be at the helm of a heavily monetized product, but now that the money’s been spent they need every consideration for the constant failure and mismanagement on display.



Unfortunately everyone knows that these companies only speak one language, which is money. If people keep throwing money at their monitor they have no reason to improve, regardless of how many upset posts there are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Heard it hear first SH honing buff with Vykas delayed release.

Chill with this “mult-million dollar company” we the F cares bro just chill, we will get info when it’s ready easy your post is “useless and achieves nothing”

No cap, either it was a miscommunication that it wasn’t being included in the first place - or you’re right.

Either way, I haven’t believed that post about it not being included for a second - either it was a miscommunication, or it was being changed.

“The reality is that this is not helpful to anyone, not the players and not AGS.”

Yes and no. Viewed in more detail, vague statements are not helpful to children.

One should, and I agree with you, have an open and honest conversation with children, as far as possible.

Among other things, because self-control is less present in children than in adults.

An adult, based on his experience, his trained intelligence, can decide whether it makes sense to keep harping on a topic.