Are we getting a gift for the roadmap delay?

Is anyone else a little disappointed that we’re not getting gifts for the massive roadmap delay? Every lost ark streamer says smilegate makes mistakes but always makes up for it with gifts, now i know NA lost ark is published by amazon but still, its kind of disappointing, no? Am i just spoiled? lol

Yes we got gifts about 2 weeks ago

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right, but like i said everyone who plays korean lost ark says when smilegate messes up they make up for it with gifts, and they kinda messed up the roadmap no? i mean they said they would tell us more about the roadmap 3-4 weeks ago.

Previous gift included roadmap since they spoke about it in their apology in the form of “We will be remaking the roadmap with the feedback we got”

Plus don’t expect any gifts for minor inconveniences, gifts appear when there was BIG public outrage

your like a little kid, you cry till u get a candy lol

they fix it, no one said they gift everytime when the fked up …

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you dont watch streams or pay korean lost ark do you ?

i do and its not true that they always get a gift if they fix something …

I actually do play KR, what about it?

yay i just cant believe you lol, every time they mess something up so give us something in return, like when they messed up argos or the april update.

no reason to type in here my question has been answered

we got the gift 2 weeks ago, only because korea got it few days before us xD
otherwise we would just get mats or something like that

i like gifts aswell :wink:
but ags failed so much we would get so much xD

i just want the roadmaps and maybe we get something with the new content update in few weeks, lets wait and see

There was no appointed time for the “reworked” roadmap so in those terms they didn’t “mess up”.

Yes it takes long, but that’s not a reason they would give us a gift for. Not in KR and not here.

However if for future roadmaps they appoint a date and they blatantly cross it. Like 1-2weeks then we may receive a small gift.

But in this case no

I think it’s a bold assumption to think they will make the ‘mistake’ of giving any kind of hard date for a roadmap or anything anymore. If they don’t give dates for things, they can’t miss them now can they? (I’m picturing Dilbert’s boss saying that, and it fits.)

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You’re spoiled.

You want compensations for just about anything

No way this post is real

They for sure won’t hahah. Just “in case of”