Are we getting a new event next reset?

Has anything been said on this?

I assume the ark pass “replaced” the grand prix, but is something coming to replace the guardian event?

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Probably the weekly guardian event.

I’d appreciate this as someone who went fully free to play. :smile: stuck on the 1370 “wall” because I’m a disgusting casual! I’d love an Argos set : (

I’m hoping an event that gives more high sea coin chests.

Are you referring to the 1340-1370 deadzone? Cause yea, events are our only hope to help people in that place out.

If you’re referring to the fact that you have to do Oreha Hard or Argos to get PAST 1370 then I’m sorry to say that wall is never going away. Gotta do that content to keep progressing.

Yes I referring to the deadzone from 1340 to 1370