Are we getting a roadmap for summer or not?

Or at least an idea soon of what is to happen after the May content. I’m sure many players would like to know what to expect for classes, skins, content and the qol we don’t have. Getting a heads up has done much better for the game as a whole, but communication needs to be more clear from you guys.

Just a confirmation wether a roadmap is planned would be great… and please if you make it release it in May before June. Last time we released an April and May roadmap mid April.

Probably one day before just like everything else we get. Mark your calendar for May 31st


Hopefully the fact that they aren’t having to revise the entire thing (thanks Argos) means we’ll get it a bit earlier this time around. But I guess we’ll find out.

This whole Argos mindset can put the game in a worse spot than already is. Vykas is good for release after a month of Valtan. That really needs to be pushed out there and made known to them. Just feels like they are too scared at this point

Roadmap is actually likely gonna hit on the 15-16th of June, a few days before the actual patch, like the last time. :smiley:

Summer Roadmap will be in Fall of 2022.

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Lmao… I had a feeling it would be in June … expect all roadmaps to be the month of from here on